How to Send an Email Using Rich Text Formatting in OS X Mail

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macOS Mail lets you apply rich formatting to your email's text.

Who Wants to Be Rich?

Who, when they grow up, wants to be plain? Do you think a small letter, say an 's', has this ambition instead of—being rich?


In Apple's OS X Mail, you can help any letter and number and punctuation mark grow up and in size; you can make it rich, too, with formatting. Your letters and words can be bold or italicized; they can also grow to be tiny, of course, and clutch an underline.

Rich formatting offers even more for new emails and replies as well, of course, in OS X Mail. You can insert images inline, for example,

Send an Email Using Rich Text Formatting in OS X Mail

To create a new email message (or reply) with rich formatting in OS X Mail:

  1. Make sure the input focus is on the email message to which you want to add rich formatting in OS X Mail.
  2. Select Format | Make Rich Text from the menu.
    • If the only available choice in the Format menu is Make Plain Text, the message is already set up for rich formatting.
    • You can also press Command-Shift-T instead of using the menu; note that this will enable as well as disable rich editing mode (when it is currently on).

With rich-text editing enabled, you can, for example:

(Tested with macOS Mail 10)