Turn on the Rich-Text Editor in Windows Live Hotmail

Screenshot Windows Live Mail


You didn't write your latest birthday party invitation on a typewriter, so why should you restrict your emails to plain text? If you use Windows Live Hotmail with a modern browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you can turn on a message editor with a formatting toolbar much like the one in Windows Mail.

Turn on the Rich-Text Editor in Windows Live Hotmail

To enable rich-text editing in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Click New in Windows Live Hotmail to start a new message.
  • If you see Plain text in the message's toolbar:
    • Click Plain text.
    • Select Rich text from the menu that comes up.

Use Windows Live Hotmail's Rich Text Editing Abilities

Now you can use fancy fonts, graphical smileys and more in your Hotmail message.

Note: If you send a message using rich-text formatting with Windows Live Hotmail, the recipient must be able to receive HTML-formatted emails.