Free Video Sharing on Revver

Revver (was) a video-sharing site.

Revver was discontinued in 2011. This information remains for historic purposes only.

The most notable thing about Revver is that it places ads at the end of your videos, for which you can earn money (depending on if viewers watch your entire video, click on links, etc). You retain 50% of the gross revenue, and you keep all rights to your work.

Because of the advertisers, Revver really stresses keeping things clean; they stipulate "no sexual, pornographic or [unusually] erotic content." All videos are reviewed by Revver editors before being posted.

Sign-Up Procedure for Revver

To upload videos, you need to sign up with an email address, username and password. To get paid, you need a PayPal account; this can be added at any time.

Uploading to Revver

Revver takes files up to 100MB, in mov, mpeg, mpg, mp4, wmv, asf, avi (including DIVX), 3gp and 3g2 formats.

The upload time is unusually fast, though all Revver videos are watched and approved before they appear on the site.

Revver creates both a Flash and a Quicktime file of your movie.

Tagging in Revver

There’s a simple upload form where you fill out a title, description, tags, credits, a website, and the age appropriateness of the video. (Curiously enough, there’s an "explicit" setting, though Revver explicitly forbids explicit content.)


Videos can be downloaded to your computer, emailed to friends, or posted on other web sites.

Because the ads are part of the video, you'll receive payment whether someone watches on Revver, or on other sites, like personal blogs or MySpace.

Terms of Service

You retain all the copyrights to videos uploaded to Revver. Once you remove a video from the site the company agrees to stop distributing it. Content that is harmful, illegal, obscene, violates copyright, etc. is not allowed.