February Bite-Sized Review Round-Up: Michonne and Superhot

Which game should you check out?

February has been teeming with new releases, and it's been rough keeping up with them all. There are so many games out there though - but not all of them are worth playing. That's why we bring you this feature that introduces short, bite-sized reviews for you to easily digest. Which games should you try out and which should you skimp out on?

In a nutshell, you'll probably want to opt for Superhot, especially if shooters are right up your wheelhouse. 

The Walking Dead: Michonne

Telltale's The Walking Dead series is excellent because of its believable characters and a narrative decisions that challenge your notions of right and wrong. You'd assume The Walking Dead: Michonne would follow in those games' footsteps, but it's nowhere near as engaging or memorable as the series that spawned it. 

Meant to fill in what Michonne was up to during issues #126 and #139 of The Walking Dead comic book series, the three episodes that comprise this spinoff introduce a wealth of new characters and situations. That doesn't exactly mean you're going to enjoy who's introduced, however. In fact, I found myself doing just the opposite. 

The game opens with a particularly delusional Michonne, which newcomer Pete ends up rescuing from what could be a particularly terrible fate, and Michonne becomes entangled within his world (manning a boat with a small crew) when the game kicks off. A rescue mission turns into something much more sinister from then on. 

From, then, Michonne plays out identically to previous Telltale games, with branching dialogue decisions that allow you only a few seconds to commit to a choice, as well as a bevy of quick-time events that result in game overs in most cases if you don't make the right move. 

The setup is mechanically sound, and the idea of playing as Michonne is palatable. The narrative just doesn't hold your attention, with bland decisions, characters you can't sympathize with, and a first episode that plods. It's possible it could pick up with the second installment, and it's going to have to if it hopes to meet the high standards The Walking Dead set for it in the beginning.

Bullet time has been a component of first-person shooters for some time now; an invaluable mechanic that makes games look and feel amazing. Superhot is an experimental FPS that takes everything you know about typical shooters and turns it on its head. 

Throughout a minimalistic world where everything is red, white, and variations of colors in between, you must stay alive. Armed with a gun and lightning-fast reflexes, you flit past thugs who want to take you out. 

Time moves only when you move, and you must avoid the bullets whizzing toward you. It's a truly innovative shooter that doffs the frivolities of heady narratives, turning frenetic shooter action into something much more like a turn-based strategy game ripped straight from a museum of modern art. 

Anyone looking for a break from the traditional trappings of shooters will find much to love about Superhot, especially by way of its art direction and courage to try something completely new.