A Review of Netvibes

Netvibes makes it very easy to personalize your home page. Signing up for the service is as simple as putting in your username, email address, and choosing a password. Once done, you are taken to your personalized start page to begin tailoring it to your interests.

The start page is set up with tabs, so you can have a general tab containing the basic information you want at your fingertips when you open up your web browser, and specialized tabs for other interests.

You can move the mini-windows by hovering your mouse over the title bar and dragging the window to where you want it displayed. You can also close windows by clicking the x button, so if that initial page has a few windows you don't need, it is easy to get them out of the way.

Adding new windows is also very easy. Clicking on the add content link on the upper left-hand corner of the start page drops down a list where you can choose to add feeds like USA Today (even video feeds like MTV Daily Headlines), basic widgets like a notepad or a to-do list, communications (email and instant messaging), search engines, applications, and external widgets.

The ability to add these features to your start page and organize them into different tabs can put the information you want to see at your fingertips. If you are like me and routinely hit several different news ​sites and blogs each morning, Netvibes can make your web life a lot simpler.​

The only real negative I had with Netvibes was how ugly and scrunched up everything was in my initial start page. This isn't difficult to solve; the settings link on the upper right-hand side of the site allows you to change the look and feel of your start page including painting it with a different theme and putting separators between feed articles. But it would have been nice to start out with a nicer appearance.

The Bottom Line

Netvibes is an excellent choice for those that want to have a ​personalized home page for their web browser. It is loaded with many useful features from a to-do list to a notepad to leave yourself reminders to news feeds and weather forecasts.

Its simple interface uses drag-and-drop to allow for easy customization, and the multiple tabs allow you to organize the start page based on interests.


  • Easy to sign up.
  • Simple to customize.
  • Lots of good features such as a to-do list widget and email connectivity.


  • The initial start page doesn't have separators between articles and has a very plain theme.


  • Drag-and-drop customization provides ease of use.
  • Multiple tabs for keeping different interests organized.
  • The ability to read ​an external email from popular sources like Yahoo and Hotmail.