Review of the Free Computer Wallpaper Site InterfaceLIFT

A wallpaper of a path in a forest

The InterfaceLIFT website no longer works, but there are some great alternative wallpaper sites where you can download free wallpapers for your computer, phone, and tablet.

InterfaceLIFT easily makes our list of one of the best free wallpaper sites because there are wallpapers available for every size of monitor or mobile device imaginable and the wallpapers are just so darn easy to download.

Sort Anyway You Want Except for by Category

At InterfaceLIFT you can sort by factors such as screen resolution, date added, number of downloads, ratings, and number comments, making it easy to find the most popular wallpaper here.

You also can use the search box at the top left of the screen to search the wallpapers by keyword. The wallpapers are tagged which makes it easy to locate a group of wallpapers by keyword.

Lacking within InterfaceLIFT is a way to browse through categories which is a great way to search for a new wallpaper. It's too bad because it would make browsing here a lot more enjoyable.

Wallpaper Quality Is a Mixed Bag

We were delighted to see that InterfaceLIFT makes it easy to find wallpapers by screen resolutions and they carry wallpaper for fullscreen and widescreen monitors, dual-monitors, HDTVs, and cell phones. It's a one-stop-shop for all your devices and that's great.

At the time of this review, they have over 2,500 wallpapers. Not as many as some of the free wallpapers sites like WallpaperStock or DesktopNexus, but still a large selection of wallpapers.

The wallpapers at InterfaceLIFT are uploaded by users so you're going to see a lot of different wallpapers varying in subject, style, and quality. It's great to see a group of diverse wallpapers but you may need to wade through some low-quality ones to find the treasures.

No Guesswork When Downloading Wallpaper

InterfaceLIFT automatically determines your screen resolution on the device you're using and makes that the default when you go to download a wallpaper. We love this feature! If you'd like to change the wallpaper to another resolution then just simply use the drop-down menu.

After you choose your resolution, click the Download button and there's your new wallpaper. Add it to your background and you're all done.