FFonts Review

Preview and download free fonts

FFonts is a free font website with a massive selection of over 100,000 fonts. They're ordered within categories to help you find one you'll like, and previews let you see exactly how the font looks for any word of your choosing.

Finding fonts here couldn't be easier, and downloading the fonts is usually very straightforward. Keep reading to learn how to browse through the fonts on FFonts and how to get one on your computer.

Browse Font Categories

FFonts website

FFonts doesn't say exactly how many free fonts they have (you can buy some here, too) but one glance at the numbers by the categories tells you that it's quite a bit. There's even one category of uncategorized fonts that has tens of thousands more.

This free font site excels in its breakdown of font categories. Simply scroll down the page and look at the categories on the left-hand side to find several sections like broken fonts, 90s fonts, Halloween fonts, famous fonts, quirky fonts, outline fonts, hi-tech fonts, and lots more.

Once you select a category, the fonts can be ordered by name or newest added, or if you want to see the most popular fonts in that section, order them by top downloaded.

FFonts art deco list

Font Previews at FFonts

After selecting a particular font at FFonts, you'll be taken to a preview page where you can view all the characters that carry the font. This is where you can type anything you want to see a preview of what it will look like in the new font.

FFont happy cricket font preview

FFonts doesn't have the best font preview function (it's often a bit blurry), but it gets the job done.

Download and Install Fonts at FFonts

Most fonts at FFonts are really easy to download and start using. However, you might sometimes encounter a survey that you're tricked into completing before getting the font.

Here's how to download from FFonts:

  1. Press DOWNLOAD.

  2. Select DOWNLOAD LINK.

    FFont download link

    If you see a survey page or some other ad-like form or button, use the skip button to avoid filling it out. You won't see this for every font.

  3. Save the ZIP file somewhere on your computer.

  4. Open the ZIP file to view the font inside. If the file doesn't open or you see an error, you might need to install a file extractor program.

  5. Double-click the font file. Most if not all of the fonts downloaded through FFonts will be in the TrueType format, so the file you want to open should end in the TTF file extension.

    FFont zip file
  6. Install the font on your computer by pressing Install or Install font.