What Happened to the Social Bookmarking Site Blinklist?

Blinklist is gone, but there are other great bookmarking sites out there

Blinklist homepage


Blinklist is no longer a social bookmarking service. The site has since been turned into a tech-related blog featuring stories about startups and apps. The site itself might also be outdated and perhaps abandoned by its owners since the copyright year shown in the footer is 2015.

What We Like
  • It offered one-click bookmarking

  • It was easy to get started

  • Users could add bookmark without ever leaving the site they were on

What We Don't Like
  • The interface lacked some functionality

  • The site appeared to have a problem with spam

Blinklist was a great social bookmarking site for beginners and for long-time web users. It allowed users to organize their bookmarks based on keyword tags, see how others rated their bookmarks and view recently added, popular, or hot public bookmarks. The site also used to feature video tutorials that made it easy for those new to social bookmarking to get up and running.

A "blink" button could be added to the browser toolbar for quickly bookmarking and tagging sites without moving away from the website. Users could also highlight some of the text on the site and add it to their bookmarks as an added bonus.

The Bottom Line

Blinklist made getting started with social bookmarking pretty simple. Setting up an account was as easy as choosing a name and password, entering your email address and typing in the letters from the spam filter image.

Once your account was set up, Blinklist took you through a quick tutorial explaining how to add the blink button to your browser and how to bookmark sites. Those new to social bookmarking likely found their video tutorials a helpful bonus.

The blink button allowed you to add a website to your list with a single click. Instead of taking you to the Blinklist site, the button brought up a small window where you could add the appropriate keyword tags, type in a small description, rate the website, or send the site to a friend. If you highlighted a section of text on the website before clicking the button, the text would appear in the notes field, saving yourself some typing.

Similar to Delicious, bookmarks were arranged on an easy-to-read page where you could easily search through them. You could also see how many blinks they had, which indicated the number of times they had been bookmarked by other users. You could also see the overall rating given by the users.

Friends could also be added on Blinklist and public bookmarks could be searched through. While this was a relatively simple process, there were still a few kinks in the system. For example, while you could see who added a website in the recently-added list, you couldn't see who added bookmarks in the 'hot now' or 'popular' lists.

Blinklist also had quite a spam problem, so sometimes searching through the public bookmarks was frustrating when most of the sites that came up were spam. This might have contributed to the failure of the site over time, especially as other social bookmarking sites became more popular.

One nice added bonus was the message board that allowed you to post a quick message. This was a real benefit to new users who had questions and couldn't find the answers in the FAQ.

Updated by: Elise Moreau