Review: BeLight Software Art Text 2

Jazz Up your Web Site or Your Printed Documents with Custom Text

Art Text 2
Art Text 2 includes a collection of logos, buttons, and icons. Courtesy of BeLight Software

The Bottom Line

Art Text 2 is an easy and budget-friendly way to create custom text and graphics for a web site, scrapbook, family newsletter, greeting card, or other similar purpose. It includes a collection of textures and special effects that you can use to add a little punch to text, and more than 200 headings, buttons, and icons that you can use as is or edit to suit your needs.

You can do some (or all) of the same things with many other programs, from word processors to illustration and image-editing programs, but not nearly as easily or inexpensively.


  • Easy to use.
  • Exports files in PDF format and several common graphics file formats.
  • Files can be opened and edited in other graphics programs.
  • Includes some text manipulation tools usually only found in higher-end DTP programs.
  • Built-in help is well written and easy to follow.
  • Art Text 2.5 updated for OS X El Capitan.


  • No option to import images to create your own textures.
  • No option to import images to create your own icons.
  • Help window is always in front, making it awkward to move between a document and the help window.


  • Free for users who purchased Art Text after July 1, 2008; upgrade price is $19.95 for other Art Text users.
  • Free demo available for downloading from the BeLight Software web site.
  • Supports multiple layers, each with its own properties.
  • Includes a Template Gallery of more than 200 buttons, headings, and icons.
  • Texture Library includes more than 190 textures.
  • Shading Library includes 245 surface materials.
  • Collection of 600 supplied icons and shapes are in vector format.

Art Text 2 lets you jazz up text by applying textures and other special effects, and create headings, logos, buttons, and icons in a matter of minutes.

Although Art Text 2 can export files in many popular graphics file formats, it can't import images from other sources, so you're limited to its built-in collection of shapes and images. Fortunately, the supplied collection of icons is pretty diverse, and the program is flexible enough to allow you to add your own personal touch to the final product. You can twist and distort text, add shadows, change the direction of the light source, add linear or radial gradients, outline letters with a stroke of various widths, fill letters with texture or images, or make letters look like metal, glass, or plastic.

In addition to tweaking the supplied text, you can start with a blank canvas and apply any of the effects to any font installed in your system.

Art Text 2 supports layers and each layer has its own properties, which means you can create a complex image and experiment with its various parts without losing everything if you go wrong somewhere along the way. If you’re happy with a style you create, you can save it to the Style library for future use.

You can export your creations in JPG and GIF format, for use on a web site, or in TIFF, PNG, EPS, and PDF format, for use in many word processing and desktop publishing programs including Keynotes, Pages and Microsoft Office, as well as many image editing and other graphics programs. This version of Art Text also lets you print images directly from the program.

Art Text 2 is nearly flawless. Its clean, well-designed interface is easy to navigate. It includes some features, such as kerning, that are unexpected for a program in this price range. The only thing that keeps us from giving Art Text 2 five stars is the fact that it can't import any images, although this won’t matter to everyone.

Published: 9/30/2008

Updated: 10/14/2015