How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android

Learn to restore lost contacts and phone numbers

What to Know

  • Go to the Google Accounts page > People & Sharing > Contacts > Contacts > Menu > Trash.
  • On Samsung, open Phone > Contacts > Menu > Manage Contacts > Import or Export Contacts.
  • You may also use a software recovery tool on desktop.

This article will walk you through restoring deleted or lost phone numbers on Android and Samsung devices.

How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android

In most cases, you can recover the number and contact information if your new phone didn't sync properly or you accidentally deleted an important number.

How to Restore Phone Numbers Using Your Google Account

When you first set up Android, you must sign in with a Google account to use Google’s apps and services, such as the Play Store. Your contacts are automatically backed up to your Google account, which means any lost or deleted phone numbers may still be available.


If you haven’t signed in to a Google account on your device at least once before, for whatever reason, this method will not be available to you.

To recover deleted phone numbers or contacts, you need to use the Google Account Settings feature. This can be done on both a phone and a computer.

  1. On a computer or phone, go to the Google Accounts page. If you aren’t already logged into the same Google account you use on your phone, make sure to do so. If you’re logged into another account or a work account, you’ll need to log out first.

    My Google Account Settings - main page
  2. Using the menu at the top on mobile, or on the side on desktop, open People & Sharing.

    A Google Account page with the 'People & sharing' option highlighted

    Scroll down to the Contacts section and open Contacts by tapping on the entry or clicking the Open button. You can also just go directly to Google Contacts.

    A Google Account page with the 'Contacts' option highlighted
  3. You will now see a list of all contacts saved to your Google account.

    Google Contacts - main page

    Open the side menu and select Trash to recover any numbers you’ve recently deleted.

    The Google Contacts page with the Trash icon highlighted
  4. You should now see a list of any deleted contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses. Each entry will detail where they were deleted from, such as the web or a specific device, as well as the date they were deleted.

    A Google Contacts page with deleted contacts displayed
  5. On mobile, tap the contact you wish to recover. Click if you're on a desktop. A menu will appear with options to Delete forever or Recover the contact. To recover, choose the appropriate option, and the details, including the phone number, will be restored to your contacts list.

    A deleted Google contact with the option to 'Recover' it highlighted
  6. To check if the phone number has been restored, open the Phone app. Select Contacts and then search for the number or name of the contact you restored. Make sure you’re opening the Google version. On some devices, you may have both the Google Phone app and a separate Contacts app. Samsung devices have both, for example.


Remember, you can use the Google account management page (from Step 1) to back up your data, customize your privacy settings, manage payment methods or subscriptions, and much more.

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Numbers from My Samsung Phone?

Although not as common, your phone may have contacts stored on the internal memory or a SIM card. It’s possible to retrieve deleted numbers from those storage locations on your Samsung phone by using the import and export functions.

Here's how to import contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts > Menu > Manage Contacts.

    The Samsung Contacts app with the menu and 'Manage contacts' highlighted
  2. Tap Import or export contacts and then import. If you have any contacts stored on your SIM card or your internal memory, you will see those sources in the list.

  3. Select the source you want to retrieve and then tap import to confirm. Wait for it to finish.

    A Samsung phone user imports contacts


You can use the export function to make a backup of your contacts.

Can I Retrieve Deleted Numbers from My Android Without a Computer?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted numbers directly from your phone without using a computer, but it limits the methods you can use. You will have more opportunities if you have a computer available.

For example, you can use recovery software on your computer to restore numbers, contacts, messages, photos, and much more.

  • How can you move phone numbers from Android to iPhone?

    Apple has an official app called Move to iOS that can help you make the switch. It transfers all of your contacts, messages, photos, and more.

  • How can you backup contacts on Android?

    Open the Settings app and select Google > Settings for Google apps > Google Contacts sync > Also sync device contacts > Automatically back up & sync device contacts. Tap the toggle to turn it on and choose which account you want contacts saved to. All current and future device contacts are automatically saved as Google contacts and sync to your Google account.

  • How can you save contacts on your SIM card to your Google account?

    Google's automatic backup for contacts doesn't work on phone numbers saved to a SIM card. To back up your SIM contacts, you need to import them. While the SIM card is in your device, go to the Contacts app and select Menu > Settings > Import > SIM Card.

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