How to Restore Tabs in Chrome

How to find your previous tabs in Chrome

What to Know

  • First method: Right-click the plus (+) icon to reopen a recently closed tab.
  • Second method: Press Ctrl + Shift + T to open a closed tab.
  • Alternatively, Search your browser history to find older tabs you had open several hours or days ago.

This article explains how to restore recently closed Chrome tabs.

Why Did All My Chrome Tabs Disappear?

There are many reasons one or all of your open Chrome tabs might disappear.

  • You've accidentally clicked the "x" on the Chrome tab.
  • The process running that Chrome tab crashed.
  • Your entire Chrome browser crashed and closed.
  • Chrome froze because it ran out of memory, so you had to restart the browser.
  • Your browser toolbar disappeared, which includes tabs.

There are a number of ways you can recover the tabs that you previously had open.

How Do I Recover Lost Tabs in Chrome?

Each of the causes listed above have their own individual solution to restore the tab or tabs. The easiest solution is to restore a single tab, or several tabs, you have just accidentally closed. If you performed other searches or activities since closing the tab, you may have to use the browser history instead.

If the entire Chrome browser crashed while you had multiple tabs open, the next time you reopen Chrome you should see a message asking you if you want to recover all of the tabs you had open. If you select yes, all tabs will automatically recover. If you don't see this message, it's because Chrome didn't have enough time to cache the tabs you had open.

Recover a Tab You Just Closed in Chrome

There are two ways to restore tabs in Chrome if you've just closed them.

  1. After closing the tab (either accidentally or intentionally), just right-click on the plus (+) icon to the right of the current tab. Select Reopen closed tab.

    Steps to restore recently closed tabs in Chrome on a Windows-based PC.

    You can repeat this process multiple times to continue opening previous tabs that you might have accidentally closed.

  2. Another method to do this is using a keyboard shortcut. Just hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard and press the "T" key. Each time you press "T" it will restore each of the previous tabs you accidentally closed.

    Image of Ctrl and Shift keys

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Recover Tabs You Previously Closed in Chrome

If you've opened and closed many tabs but want to recover a tab you opened a while back, the only way to do so is to use your history in Chrome. There are easy ways to find the closed tab if you have a general idea when you last had it open.

  1. To access recent tabs you may have had open over the past few hours, just select the three dots at the upper right corner of the browser window. Select History. You'll see a list of recent tabs you had open. Select any of these to reopen that page.

    Chrome's recent history menu item selected in Chrome running on a Windows-based PC.
  2. If you don't see the tab in the short term history, then select History at the top of the list. This will open a listing of past tabs you had open over a longer time range. Scroll down to see the tabs you had open a few hours or a few days ago.

    Screenshot of long term Chrome history
  3. If you select Tabs from other devices in the left menu, you can even see tabs you had open on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; so long as you were logged into those devices using your Google account and had browser history tracking enabled.

    The Tabs from other devices selection highlighted in Chrome on a Windows-based PC.
  • How do I group tabs in Chrome?

    You can make tab groups in Chrome by right-clicking a single tab and then selecting Add tab to new group. Once the group exists (the tab will have a white outline around it), open new ones and drag them in to add them to the group. Right-click the white dot to the left of the group to give it a name and a color.

  • How do I save tabs in Chrome?

    The easiest way to save the tabs you have open is to go to Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs. Alternatively, press Shift + Command/Ctrl + D on your keyboard. Enter a name for the new folder, and then it will appear on your Favorites bar. Click the folder to open any or all of the saved tabs later.

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