How to Restart or Turn on Your Android LG G Watch

The LG G Watch isn't supposed to turn off, ever. Isn't that helpful? It's true. Like most Android watches, the G Watch is supposed to be always on. There's no off switch. It generally only powers down when you let it run out of power or something goes seriously wrong. Still, there might be occasions where you need to turn it off and back on.

Here's how to do that.

How to Turn off Your G-Watch

How to turn off a G Watch in three steps.
How to turn off a G Watch in three steps. Lifewire

This isn't something you'd want to do for the heck of it, but you can turn off your G Watch completely. Here are some reasons you may want to do that.

Perhaps you're troubleshooting a bug and want to see if powering down your watch will resolve it. We'd suggest sticking with the Restart option, but maybe that didn't work. You could try powering it off. 

This is what we'd consider the more realistic and more common scenario. Say you've gone camping and realize that you've forgotten to pack your G Watch charger. Your battery won't last through the night, but you really need your watch in the morning. If you turn it completely off, you may have enough juice to power through the next day. Why not give it a try? 

To turn off your G Watch (or many other Android watches):

  1. Pull the notifications window down with a downward swiping motion.

  2. Swipe to the left until you see the Settings option. Tap on the Settings to select it. 

  3. Swipe down until you find Power off. Press the screen to select it. 

Your watch will power down, and no amount of tapping will revive it. 

How to Turn on Your G Watch

The secret switch that allows you to turn on your G Watch when it is off.

Now if you're turning off your watch near your charger, this answer is easy. Just put it in the charging cradle. Poof! It perks right back up. Now, what do you do on that camping trip if you've turned off your G Watch to save battery?

A fat lot of good that will do you if you have no way to turn it back on. 

There is a secret "on" switch on the back of the watch. Look for the tiny switch next to the four metal areas you line up for charging. This switch is super tiny, so you'll need a specialized tool to reset it. You could use a SIM eject tool, a paper clip, or (my favorite) a mechanical pencil with the lead retracted. (Assuming you have one of those things on your camping trip.)

Push the power button and hold it in for a few seconds. Your G Watch should spring back to life. 

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