How to Restart a Samsung S20

And how to power it down without a dedicated button

What to Know

  • From the home screen, swipe down to open Quick Settings panel and tap the Power icon.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Side buttons (Bixby button) to open Power Settings.
  • You can also change what the side button does in the Side Key Settings.

This article will show you how to restart or power down the Samsung Galaxy S20, and explain the different methods for doing so.

Where Is the Power Button on the Samsung S20?

From the Galaxy S20 on, including the Galaxy S21, Samsung made a slight change to the physical design of the device. There’s no dedicated power button anymore, which makes restarting or shutting down the phone a bit more complicated, at least until you know how to do it.

There are several ways to restart and power down the phone, however. We will cover the easiest methods first.

How Do You Restart a Samsung Phone?

There are three primary methods for restarting a Samsung S20 and powering it down. They are:

  • Using the power option in the Quick Settings panel.
  • With a combination of hardware buttons.
  • By changing what the side button does.

How to Restart the S20 With the Quick Settings Panel

One of the easiest and fastest ways to restart the Samsung S20 is to use the Quick Settings panel, which can be accessed from anywhere. Here's how to open the panel:

  1. From any screen, swipe down to open the half-screen quick settings panel.

  2. Swipe down one more time to open the full-screen Quick Settings panel. Tap the power icon in the top right.

  3. The power settings menu will appear, allowing you to Power Off, Restart, and enable Emergency Mode. Tap the second button, Restart, to reboot the phone.

    Down arrow, Power icon, and Restart highlighted on Samsung S20

Just wait for the phone to finish rebooting, and you're all done.

How to Restart the S20 With the Hardware Buttons

Although Samsung removed the dedicated power button, there is still a way to use the physical hardware buttons to restart and power down the S20. Here’s how to do that:

Press and hold both the Volume Down and Side buttons. Continue holding until the power menu appears. It will open power settings menu. You will see three options including Power Off, Restart, and enable Emergency Mode. Tap Restart to reboot the phone.

How to Change the Side Button Function on a Samsung S20

By default, the side button on the Samsung Galaxy S20 will activate Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. That means when you press it, Bixby will start, but you can reconfigure the button to start a custom task or application. That also means you can customize the side button so it opens the power menu.

How to Change What the Side Button Does

Before we can use the side button to restart and power down the S20, we need to change what it does in the Samsung settings. Here’s how to customize that:

  1.  Use one of the methods above to open the power settings menu — either with the icon in the quick settings panel or by pressing the hardware buttons.

  2. Tap Side Key Settings at the bottom, below the power options.

  3. Under the Press and Hold section, choose Power Off Menu.

    Side key settings and Power off menu on Samsung S20

Now, instead of opening Bixby when you press and hold the side button, it will open the power settings menu, allowing you to quickly restart or power down your Galaxy S20.

  • How do I turn off my Samsung S20?

    To turn off a Samsung S20, bring up the Power menu and tap Power Off. To turn the screen off, press the Bixby button once.

  • How do I reset my Samsung S20?

    To factory reset a Samsung device, go to Settings > General Management Reset > Factory Data Reset. Be sure to back up everything on your iPhone that you want to save.

  • How do I screenshot on my Samsung S20?

    To take a screenshot on a Samsung S20, press Volume Down+Power, or use the Smart Select tool in the Edge Panel. If you have gestures enabled, place the side of your palm in the center of the screen and swipe.

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