How to Restart a Kindle Paperwhite

Force a restart or unfreeze your Kindle

What to Know

  • Swipe down from the main screen > All Settings > Device Options > Restart, and select Yes.
  • Or press and hold the power button until the power message appears, and select Restart.
  • Unresponsive Kindle: Hold the power button for about 10 - 40 seconds. Kindle will restart.

This article explains how to restart a Kindle Paperwhite, including how to force the process if your Kindle won't restart.

How to Restart a Kindle Paperwhite

If your Kindle Paperwhite is functioning normally, then there are two ways to restart it. You can either restart it through the menu options, or you can force a restart by holding down the power button. Both of these methods have the exact same effect, so you can choose whichever one you like.

Here’s how to restart a Kindle Paperwhite using the menu options:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

  2. Tap All Settings (gear icon).

    Navigating to the All Settings button on the Kindle Paperwhite.
  3. Tap Device Options.

  4. Tap Restart.

  5. Tap Yes.

    Navigating to the Restart function via the menu system on a Kindle Paperwhite.
  6. Your Kindle will restart.

How Do I Force Restart My Kindle?

If your Kindle Paperwhite isn’t responsive, you can force restart it. This method also works if the screen is responsive, but it’s the only way to force restart an unresponsive Kindle.

Here’s how to force restart a Kindle Paperwhite:

  1. Press and hold the power button.

  2. If the Power message box appears and the Kindle is responsive, tap RESTART.

    Rebooting a Kindle Paperwhite via the power button.
  3. If the message box doesn’t appear, continue holding the power button.

  4. After about 10 to 40 seconds, the screen will flash, and the Kindle will restart.

What Do You Do if Your Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Restart?

If your Kindle Paperwhite is frozen and won’t restart, you may be able to get it to restart by connecting it to power. If you connect the device to a charger, allow it to charge for several hours, and then try to force a restart with the Kindle still plugged into power, it might unfreeze the device. Ideally use the power adapter and USB cable included with your Kindle, but you can try a compatible adapter and USB cable.

If you have several USB power adapters and cables available, try them in different combinations. A defective power adapter or USB cable will prevent the Kindle from receiving a charge.

Here’s how to unfreeze a Kindle Paperwhite that won’t restart:

  1. Plug the Kindle into power and allow it to charge.

  2. With the Kindle still plugged in, press and hold the power button.

  3. Hold the power button until the screen flashes.

  4. After the screen flashes, the Kindle will restart.

If the Kindle still won’t restart, and you’ve tried this process with more than one power adapter and USB cable, contact Amazon for more assistance. The Kindle is likely in need of repair.

What’s the Difference Between Restarting and Resetting a Kindle Paperwhite?

Restarting and resetting are different procedures and have different results. Restarting a Kindle is the same as turning it off and back on again. Anything currently loaded into memory is cleared out, and the Kindle starts up fresh. If your Kindle is malfunctioning, then restarting it will usually take care of the problem.

Resetting, which is also known as a factory reset, is a different process which removes all of your data from the Kindle. All of your books and other documents are erased, and the Kindle is returned to the same state it was in when you first received it. You then need to connect it to your Amazon account and access the Kindle Store to download your books.

  • How do I restart a Kindle?

    The above instructions also work on non-Paperwhite Kindles that are frozen. Charge the device, and then press and hold the Power button until the e-reader restarts. It may take up to 40 seconds for the Kindle to turn off and back on.

  • How do I restart a Kindle Fire?

    You can also do a hard reboot on a Kindle Fire if it's not responding. Press and hold the Power button, which is usually on the bottom of the device next to the charging port. Hold it for 20 seconds, or until the Kindle powers off and restarts.

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