8 Great Responsive Wordpress Themes

Every website project has unique needs and requirements. For large or complex websites, a custom designed and developed site that is created from scratch is likely the right solution. This process is not for every site or project, however. Many simple sites, especially those with budgets that would not support a complete custom created endeavor, need to find ways to succeed with a different process. This often means starting with a template of some kind. If your website is being deployed on the Wordpress CMS (content management system), which is a sizable percentage of the Web is these days, then you may be using a “theme” for your site.

According to Wordpress, a theme “is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design.” That’s a fancy of way of saying that it is a template.

While templates have been around in web design for many years, they were generally seen as negative or cheap and oftentimes they were designed by amateurs. Today’s templates and themes are much different, and many Wordpress themes are designed by some of the web design industry’s most talented creators. This is why so many companies and individuals start with a Wordpress theme. They can find a quality design at a much, much lower cost than it would take for them to have their site created from the ground up.

When selecting a theme, there will be certain requirements that you may have. For example, you may want one that allows for some customization if you want to use it as a springboard for some additional development work. You may need certain widgets to be installable or you want want features like comments to be included as part of the package. Regardless of your needs, one feature all companies will certainly want for their theme and their website is a responsive layout.
Responsive web design is the industry standard approach of creating sites with a layout and design that responds to different screen and device sizes. To effectively communicate online today, and to best support the wide range of devices in use, a website must be responsive. Luckily for those who are starting with a Wordpress theme, many of these templates are already responsive-ready. This means that you by using one of these mobile-friendly themes, your site should work across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

Now the challenge becomes choosing which of the seemingly countless Wordpress themes to use! Here’s a look at 10 great responsive themes you may want to consider.

1. Responsiveness

Aptly enough, let’s start with a theme called “Responsiveness”. It is a minimal theme that says it was made for writers and bloggers. That may be the case, but the layout uses stylings that are popular today and which could easily be purposed as a corporate website or really any other kind of website.

Besides being fully responsive (as all the themes in this list are), this theme also allows for some visual customization (colors, images, etc.) as well as the ability to include ad modules in the sidebar of the site. That featuret is a nice addition if your site is driven by ad revenue.  You can see this theme and download it at https://wordpress.org/themes/responsiveness/

2. Consulting

This is the free version of a popular theme. The design features a horizontal navigation at the top of the screen, overlaying a large hero image slider with a message and call to action. Underneath that “billboard” area is a 3-column design layout. These styles are ones that are super popular online right now, making this an ideal choice for many kinds of websites. You can see and download this theme at https://wordpress.org/themes/consulting/

3. Zerif Lite

This is a one-page Wordpress theme, so it works well if you want a single-page, parallax style website. IT features a very clean design and it is compatible with WooCommerce, making it attractive if you need some Ecommerce capabilities in your site as well. The single-page website approach is one that works for both personal sites like portfolios, as well as for company websites. I could even see this working as a site for a person like a politician or other public figure. You can see this theme and download it at https://wordpress.org/themes/zerif-lite/

4. One Page Express

Another single-page theme, this one comes with over 30 content sections that can be added with simple drag and drop. This makes for a wide variety of customization options with features like video background, slideshow, and more. You can see this theme and download it at https://wordpress.org/themes/one-page-express/

5. Noteblog

Promoted as being search engine optimized and intended for writers, this theme works great as a newspaper or magazine. It can also be used by other companies for specific landing pages or blogs. You can see this theme at https://wordpress.org/themes/noteblog/

6. Decree

Many Wordpress themes are designed with specific industries and uses in mind. The Decree theme is meant for laywers. The benefit to using a purpose-designed theme for its intended use is that it will very likely have specific features your site needs right out of the box. For Decree, it comes translation-ready and allows for some basic customizations to help promote legal services. You see this this theme at https://wordpress.org/themes/decree/

7. Play School

Another purpose-designed theme is Play School, which was created as an education themed theme. This template works for everything from pre-school sites all the way to universities and higher education. It is also Ecommerce compatible and includes some nice gallery plugins. Take a look at this theme and download it at https://wordpress.org/themes/play-school/

8. Education Base

Another theme meant for education, I love the brilliant colors that this theme includes right out of the box. Of course, this theme also includes drag and drop customization options, allowing you to change the look to suit your specific needs. These options make this theme super flexible and it can be used not only for education, but for any kind of site really. It also works well as either a multi-page site or a single-page presentation. See this theme and download it at https://wordpress.org/themes/education-base/