Tips for Resizing an Image to Send Via Email

Certainly, you have received the occasional email with images so large they stood out from the message in every direction, barely recognizable themselves. Similarly, when mega-pixel snapshots turn into mega-sized graphics, you may have wondered how to include them in your messages easily and with reasonable proportions.

Fortunately, resizing images for use in emails need not be an arduous task or involve complicated, slow to launch software.

Resize Pictures to Handy Proportions Before Inserting Them in Emails

To trim images to be lean and fit for emails:

  • Open ResizR.
  • Click Browse... and select the desired image.
  • Now click Upload Image.
  • Use the SMALL–BIG slider or the Wid and Hgt entry fields to choose the desired width.
  • Use a width between 300 and 640 pixels.
  • Try 340 pixels first.
  • Click Resize My Image.
  • Now click Click to continue.
  • Click Click to view.
  • Drag and drop or otherwise save the resulting image to your Desktop.
  • Alternatively — and in particular for large high-resolution pictures —, use a image resizing tool that operates on your computer:
  • Image Resizer (Windows)
  • IrfanView (Windows)
  • Drag-N-Scale (Mac OS X)
  • ImageMagick (Unix)

Insert the Shrunken Image in Your Message

Now insert the resized image in your email. You can either add it as an attachment or insert it in the body of your message (inline). Here's how to do the latter in a few email programs and services:

Host the Image Online

If you don't want to send your image as an attachment, you can use a free image hosting service to store it online and link to it or insert it as a remote image in email messages.

More Online Image Resizers

ResizR is particularly easy to use and gets the job done swiftly for images you need in emails.

Other online image resizing tools offer more features up to filters and effects: