Step-By-Step Instruction for Resizing an Image to Send via an Email

Quickly Downsize a Large Image on a PC or Mac

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Most people have received an occasional email with an image so large it stood out from the message in every direction. When megapixel snapshots turn into mega-sized graphics, you may wonder how to include them in your own outgoing messages without overwhelming your recipient.

Downsizing images for use in emails need not be an arduous task or involve complicated, slow-to-launch software. Most of the image resizers applications you can download from the internet work in a similar manner. Image Resizer for Windows is typical.

Resize Pictures for Email Using Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Windows is a free download. To downsize a large image using the application:

  1. Open Image Resizer for Windows.

  2. Right-click on one or more picture files in File Explorer.

  3. Click Resize pictures in the menu that appears.

  4. Select one of the preconfigured sizes or indicate a custom size and enter the desired dimensions.

  5. Click Resize.

Online Image Resizers

Although Image Resizer for Windows is particularly easy to use and gets the job done quickly, online image resizing tools also offer easy-to-use features for people who don't want to install a program. Check out:

Resize Images for Email Using Preview on a Mac

The Preview application ships on every Mac computer. To use it to downsize a photo on your Mac before attaching the image to an email.

  1. Launch Preview.

  2. Drag the image you want to resize and drop it on the Preview icon.

  3. Click the Show Markup Toolbar icon located immediately to the left of the Preview search field to open the markup toolbar. You can also open it with the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+A.

  4. Click the Adjust Size button on the Markup Toolbar. It resembles a box with two outward facing arrows.

  5. Choose one of the smaller sizes in the Fit Into drop-down menu. You can also select Custom and then enter the dimensions you prefer.

  6. Click OK to save the change.

Host the Image Online

If you don't want to send your huge image as an attachment, you can use a free image hosting service to store it online. Include the link to it in your email, and your recipients can access it themselves.