How to Resize a Batch of Images With XnView

Running a batch automates what would otherwise be a tedious process

To resize many image files to a common size, use the batch processing tools in the free XnView image viewer. XnView MP offers robust image editing for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

The instructions we detail below govern XnView MP version 0.93.1.

How to Batch Resize Images in XnView MP

The conversion process runs through a utility wizard:

  1. Select Tools > Batch convert.

    A screenshot of XnView with the Batch Convert command highlighted
  2. When the batch-conversion tool launches, click the Add files button to add images.

    A screenshot of XnView with the Add Files button highlighted
  3. Advance to the Actions tab of the utility. Click Add Action then select the action to be performed. You'll see one of your images as a preview in the right pane. To resize, you'd click Add Action > Image > Resize.

    A screenshot of XnView's batch convert screen with the Resize command highlighted
  4. Set the options for the conversion wizard. Use a drop-down to auto-configure the settings, or configure them manually. In most cases, a preset will work, but you can optionally configure the image's height and width and select the fitting and reduction constraints.

    XnView batch convert
  5. Advance to the Output tab and set your desired output rules.

    You can configure the output folder, the template for the filename, image-metadata options, and actions to complete after the export concludes.

    A screenshot of XnView's Batch Convert window with the Output tab highlighted
  6. Click Convert to begin the batch.

    A screenshot of XnView's Batch Convert window with the Convert button highlighted

Saving Your Settings

At any step in the process, click the little disk icon in the bottom left of the Batch Convert window to save your settings to a configuration file. Use the folder icon, or the drop-down menu next to it, to reopen those settings later.

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