How to Reset a Samsung Soundbar

Reset your soundbar and get it working in seconds

What to Know

  • Soft reset your soundbar by power-cycling the device.
  • Hard reset by holding down the power button for about ten seconds.
  • Either kind of reset only takes seconds and can address many problems.

In this article, we'll explain how to reset a Samsung soundbar. There's only one button involved, and you won't need any tools or technical know-how.

These troubleshooting tips apply to most Samsung soundbars, though your particular devices may work differently. Consult your manual or search for it online if necessary.

How to Soft Reset a Samsung Soundbar

To perform a soft reset on your Samsung soundbar, all you'll need is to be by the soundbar itself for a moment. No tools are required.

  1. Power off your soundbar and disconnect it from power. Make sure the device is fully powered down.

  2. Wait at least thirty seconds before plugging it back in and turning it back on. Once powered back up, test it out and see if it's working.

    Try outputting some audio to your soundbar as you typically would.

  3. It may not seem like this can make any difference, but power cycling a soundbar in this way can resolve odd behavior or unexpected issues you may experience.

How to Hard Reset a Samsung Soundbar

Hard resetting your soundbar involves completely resetting the device back to factory defaults. However, this involves just a single button press, which only takes seconds. You won't need any tools.

  1. If it's not already on, turn on your soundbar. Resetting your soundbar involves holding down the power button when powered, so the process begins with a powered soundbar.

  2. Hold down the power button on your soundbar for ten to fifteen seconds. If your device has a display, it will display a message once it resets. If it doesn't have one, a red light should blink and then turn off once reset.

    The time necessary for the device to reset itself can vary. Watch out for the message or the blinking red light. It will help you time things correctly.

  3. Remember, your device will be now using factory defaults. You may have to adjust your settings. Once reset, try outputting audio to your soundbar to see if it's working.

  • Why isn't my Samsung soundbar working?

    If your Samsung soundbar is not working, it could be due to faulty connections, settings issues, or hardware malfunctions. To fix your Samsung soundbar, disconnect and then reconnect the soundbar, make sure the source is on, and ensure your TV is set up to use the soundbar as your default speaker.

  • How do I reset my Samsung soundbar remote?

    If your Samsung soundbar remote isn't working, remove the batteries, press any button for 20 seconds, then replace the batteries. If you're still having issues, try different batteries.

  • How do I connect my Samsung soundbar to a TV?

    The best way to connect a Samsung soundbar to a TV is using the HDMI-ARC port. If you don't have an HDMI-ARC port, use a regular HDMI or optical connection.

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