How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Watch

How to factory reset your Samsung smartwatch

What to Know

  • Hold Power / Home + Back for reboot > press Power / Home until Select Reboot Mode appears > Recovery.
  • On Watch 4, next select Wipe data/factory reset > Factory data reset.
  • In the Galaxy Wearable app, open Watch Settings > General > Reset > select Reset again.

This article provides instructions for factory resetting a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch. It includes information on how to reset the Watch from the app, use the physical buttons, or use the software options.

How Do I Factory Reset My Galaxy Watch

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch isn't acting right or if you're planning to sell it, a factory data reset might be in order. If it is, there are several ways you can reset your watch, including using the physical buttons on the device, using the software options on the Watch, or using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.

If your watch doesn't automatically backup to your phone, you should do so before resetting it so you don't lose anything stored on it. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and go to Watch Settings > Account and Backup > Backup settings (or Back up data), choose what to back up, then select Back up.

Reset Your Galaxy Watch Using the Physical Buttons

The easiest way to reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch is to use the physical buttons on the device. The process is nearly identical for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which uses Wear OS, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch Active 2, which use the Tizen OS.

  1. On your Galaxy Watch, press the Power/Home and Back keys and hold them down until Rebooting appears on the bottom of the watch screen.

  2. Quickly press the Home key until the Reboot Mode menu appears.

  3. The use the Power/Home key to navigate to Recovery.

  4. Press and hold the Power/Home key to reboot and start the recovery process.

  5. If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, another menu will appear. Swipe down to select Wipe data/factory reset and then swipe right to perform the reset. Once the reset is complete, swipe right again to reboot the watch.

Reset Your Galaxy Watch Using the Software Options on the Watch

There's also a reset option in the software that runs your watch. And the instructions for resetting the Watch 3 or Watch 4 are similar with only minor differences.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS 3, while Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 use Tizen OS.

  1. Swipe left twice on the Galaxy Watch 3 home screen to open the app drawer.

    Swipe down on the Galaxy Watch 4 face to open the Quick Settings panel.

  2. Select the Settings icon.

  3. Scroll down and select General.

  4. Scroll all the way down and select Reset.

  5. To confirm your choice, select the checkmark on Galaxy Watch 3 or Reset on Galaxy Watch 4, and your watch will begin the reset process.

Reset Your Galaxy Watch Using the Galaxy Wearable App

One additional option you have for resetting your watch is to use the Galaxy Wearable app if it's on your smartphone.

  1. On your smartphone, open the Galaxy Wearable app.

  2. Select Watch Settings.

  3. Select General.

  4. Select Reset.

  5. Select Reset again to confirm and start the reset process.

If you're planning to continue using your Galaxy Watch, you can set up your Galaxy Watch as if it were brand new once the reset is complete. You can also restore it from your last backup.

  • How do you transfer pictures from a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a computer without a reset?

    You cannot transfer photos directly from the watch to a PC. However, export them to your mobile device by tapping Gallery, tapping and holding an image, then selecting More > Send to Phone. Then, you can transfer the pictures from your phone to your computer.

  • Can I reset the Samsung Pay PIN on my Galaxy Watch?

    You can change your Samsung Pay PIN directly from your watch anytime. Go to Settings > Security > Lock > Type > enter current PIN > PIN. Then, enter the new PIN twice, tap Use for, and choose Screen and payments or Payments only.

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