How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 11

As a final resort, resetting network settings might get you back online

What to Know

  • Resetting network settings will remove and reinstall every network adapter (i.e., Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.) to original settings.
  • To reset network settings: Start menu > Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced network settings > Network reset.
  • If you have any kind of network software, like a VPN, you'll need to reconfigure it.

This article explains how to reset your network settings on your Windows 11 computer as well as explaining why and when this should be done.

What Does Resetting Network Settings Do, and Should I Do It?

Resetting network settings removes and reinstalls your network adapters and sets other components to their original settings in order to fix connection issues.

You will erase the configuration for every single adapter and revert everything back to its factory settings. Resetting should be done as a last resort if you’ve already tried all options and nothing seems to work.

In most cases, adapters are set to automatically detect changes in the network so you probably won’t see any issues; however, make a note of the settings for the other components if you do decide to reset.

How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 11

  1. Go to the search function located at the bottom of the page, then search for and select Settings (gear icon).

    Windows search bar with settings highlighted and the Settings app highlighted in search results
  2. Find and select Network & Internet on the left sidebar.

    Network & Internet highlighted on the left sidebar in Windows 11.
  3. Select Advanced network settings.

    Windows 11 Network & internet settings with Advanced network settings highlighted
  4. In the following window, select Network reset.

    Windows 11 Advanced network settings with Network Reset highlighted
  5. The following page will give you a detailed description of what will happen once you reset everything. Once you’ve read it, select Reset now.

    Windows 11 Network reset page with Reset Now highlighted
  6. A small window will ask if you are sure if you want to reset all the network settings. Select Yes.

    Windows 11 network reset confirmation box with Yes highlighted
  7. After a few minutes, Windows 11 will reboot and all your network adapters will be reset to their factory settings.

How to Automatically Connect to the Internet After a Reset

A computer's TCP/IP settings are typically set to Automatic, so your computer will automatically detect network settings and reconnect to the internet after a reset. If your computer doesn't reconnect automatically, these steps will show you how to configure the settings.

  1. Return to the Network & Internet settings page.

  2. Select Ethernet.

    Windows 11 Network & Internet settings with Ethernet highlighted
  3. Select the drop-down arrow next to your network to show your TCP/IP.

    Selecting a drop down arrow next to Network in Windows 11.
  4. Scroll down until you see IP assignment and verify if it says Automatic (DHCP).

    If it doesn’t, select Edit at the right.

    Windows 11 Ethernet authentication settings with Edit highlighted
  5. A window will appear. Click the drop-down menu and change the settings from Manual to Automatic (DHCP).

    Once you do, your computer will now automatically detect and connect to the internet after a network reset.

    Windows 11 IP settings with Automatic DHCP highlighted

Fixing Any Remain Settings

Network software like VPN clients and virtual switches may need to be reconfigured to start working after a network reset.

To fix this issue, open the software and enter your IP address and other settings as you did when you originally installed the software.

Here's how to reset the network settings on Windows 10.

  • How do I reset network settings on an iPhone?

    To reset network settings on an iPhone, open the Settings app and tap General > Reset. Tap Reset Network Settings, then enter your passcode, if prompted. Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm, then your iPhone will reset its network settings and restart.

  • How do I reset network settings on Android?

    To reset network settings on stock Android, go to Settings > System > Reset Options and tap Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth or Reset Network Settings (depending on your Android version), then follow the prompts. If you're using a Samsung Android device, go to Settings > General Management > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings, then follow the prompts.

  • How do I reset network settings on Windows 10?

    To reset network settings on Windows 10, go to the Start menu and select Settings > Network & Internet > Status, then select Network Reset. Select Reset Now > Yes to finish initiating the reset process.

  • How do I reset Samsung smart TV network settings?

    There's no real network reset option on a Samsung smart TV. You can do a total reset (Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset) to restore the device to factory settings, but this won't affect network settings. For network issues, try to re-establish your network connection. For an Ethernet connection, go to Settings > Open Network Settings > Wired. For a Wi-Fi connection, go to Settings > Open Network Settings > Wireless and follow the prompts.

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