How to Reset Mouse Settings

Going back to the default mouse settings can resolve many issues

What to Know:

  • Windows 10 doesn’t have a dedicated reset button for mouse settings.
  • For all mouse options go to Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse > Mouse Settings and Additional mouse options.
  • To change mouse pointers to defaults: Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional Mouse Settings > Mouse Properties > Pointers.

Windows doesn’t provide a single button for resetting all your mouse settings. This article will show you how to revert to the default mouse settings and check if any further troubleshooting is necessary. 

What Are Default Mouse Settings?

Windows configures the mouse for an average right-handed person. You will find the defaults in Mouse Settings and Additional mouse options.

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse to open the mouse settings. 

    The Mouse settings screen with options highlighted in Windows 10.
  2. Select Adjust mouse & cursor size to change pointer size and color.

    Mouse pointer size and color settings in Windows 10.
  3. Select Additional mouse options to open Mouse Properties, You will find other defaults in the tabbed dialog. For instance, a mouse selection feature like ClickLock is disabled and the pointer scheme is set to None. 

    The Mouse Properties dialog box in Windows 10.

    Here are some common default mouse settings:

    • Primary Button: Left
    • Mouse Wheel Scrolls: Multiple lines at a time 
    • How many lines to scroll: 3
    • Inactive window scroll: On


    There are a few ways to open the Mouse Properties dialog from Device Settings and the Control Panel. Use the Run box to open it quickly:

    1. Press Win + R keys to display the Run box.
    2. Type in main.cpl and click OK.  

How Do You Reset Your Mouse to the Default Pointers?

Custom pointers and cursors are fun. But follow these steps when you want to return to the default pointers. 

  1. Select Start > Settings > Devices.

    The Devices tile selected from Windows 10 Settings.
  2. Select Mouse.

    The Mouse settings screen with options highlighted in Windows 10.
  3. On the right pane, select Additional Mouse Options to open the Mouse Properties dialog.

  4. Select the Pointers tab.

    Mouse Properties with the Pointers tab highlighted.
  5. Select Use Default.

  6. Select Apply and OK.

How Do You Reset All Your Mouse Settings?

Troubleshooting a mouse are the steps you will take when a mouse doesn’t behave the way you intend it to. It always points to several underlying issues from weak batteries to buggy drivers. The steps to reset a mouse are just one part of a troubleshooting exercise.

To reset a mouse simply means to return the mouse to its default settings when you don’t like an option you have changed in the mouse properties. As Microsoft doesn’t give you a reset to the default button, you may have to try this combination of techniques or fall back on changing the settings one by one. 

Find the Reset Button

For some wireless mouse brands, the fix could be as simple as resetting the wireless link. Look for a tiny Reset button or a recessed hole at the bottom of the wireless device.

For a recessed hole, insert a blunt pin or a paper clip and press down. The Reset button will disconnect and then restore the wireless connection. Also, unplug the USB wireless receiver, wait for a few seconds, and then re-plug the USB wireless receiver back into the USB port. Check if the mouse functions properly now.

A Corsair mouse instructs you to hold down the left and right mouse buttons for a few seconds to reset the mouse. Consult the instruction booklet for the correct method.

Use the Custom Mouse Driver Software

Some mouse brands come with their own proprietary driver software. For instance, the Microsoft’ Intellipoint Mouse, Logitech Options, and Razer among others. The mouse software can override the default Windows mouse settings. Consult the mouse manual to understand the process to revert the mouse to the default settings. In most cases, the software interface will have the reset option.

The Restore Defaults option highlighted from the Logitech Options software for a Logitech Mouse.

Rollback the Mouse Driver

In some instances, mouse settings can keep changing in Windows 10. This annoying problem points to a faulty mouse driver. You can roll back the driver to the previous version and see if it fixes the problem. A driver rollback will also help you correct the more common problem of mouse lag in Windows 10.  


You can keep the touchpad enabled along with the mouse. To reset your touchpad settings, go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad. Scroll down to the Reset your touchpad section and select the Reset button. 

  • How do I reset mouse settings on a Mac?

    Though there's no mouse reset option on macOS, you can change various mouse settings. To adjust mouse tracking and scrolling speed, go to System Preferences > Mouse. You can also customize mouse double-clicking and scrolling speed from System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control.

  • How do I reset mouse speed settings in Windows 7?

    Select the Start icon > Control Panel and search for Mouse. Open Mouse Properties > Pointer Options and choose your preferred speed from the slider under Motion > Select a pointer speed. The default speed is the center notch.

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