How to Reset an LG Phone

Doing a factory reset on your LG phone can solve many issues

What to Know

  • LG resets come in three types: a soft reset, a hard reset, and a software factory reset.
  • Soft reset, or restart, your phone when you notice strange, temporary issues, like freezing or sudden lag.
  • Use a hard reset or software factory reset to return the phone to factory settings.

This article explains how to reset your LG phone using three methods that have different uses and drawbacks: a soft reset, hard reset, and software factory reset.

The Three Types of LG Phone Resets

When your smartphone freezes, runs extremely slowly, or otherwise appears to be having problems normal methods can't solve, a reset might be the way to get it functioning again. LG phones have three options for resetting them: A soft reset, a hard reset, and a software factory reset. 

  • A soft reset is also called a restart. It's a safer version of turning your device off, then turning it back on again. Using a soft reset closes any applications and clears out the RAM before restarting the device.
  • A hard reset uses the phone's hardware to return it to factory settings. This overwrites the device and any data that was added after it left the factory.
  • A software factory reset (for our purposes, we'll call it a "factory reset" going forward) is an option available in the Settings app. This works similarly to a hard reset, but is done via software instead of using the phone's hardware.

How and When to Do a Soft Reset on an LG Phone

A soft reset is ideal for a situation where your phone has frozen, is operating slowly, or is showing other signs of being taxed, such as overheating or refusing to open apps. The soft reset is the option of last resort in this situation, as resetting a phone while an application is working with data may corrupt that data. Generally, however, a soft reset only loses any unsaved data on your phone.

To perform a soft reset on an LG phone, you have two options. First, hold down the Power key and the Power menu opens. Press Restart and the phone does a soft reset. If the Power menu won't open, or the phone is very slow, hold down the Power button and the Volume Down button until the screen goes blank and the LG logo appears. This forces the phone to restart as if you'd pushed the Restart button.

An Android user performs a soft reset

Older LG phones may use the Volume Up button instead of the Volume Down button for these operations. Check your user manual to confirm which button is used.

How and When to Do a Hard Reset on an LG Phone

A hard reset is the “nuclear option” of resetting your phone. Returning your phone to factory settings will wipe its memory, delete all your apps, all your data (photos, music, videos, etc), log you out of any accounts and delete your password and other credentials, and otherwise render the phone, at the software level, what it was when you first took it out of the box.

This should only be done in situations where you need the phone more than its data, or you want to wipe the device completely and quickly.

To perform a hard reset:

  1. Turn off your phone. If possible, remove and reinsert your battery.

  2. Without turning on your phone, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons to initiate a soft reset. 

  3. When you see the LG logo, release and then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons again.

  4. Release the buttons when the Factory Reset menu appears. Use the volume keys to navigate to the Yes button and press the Power button to click the button.

  5. You will be asked again if you want to perform a hard reset. Repeat the button presses above to confirm, and your phone will hard reset.

How and When to Do a Factory Reset Via Software on an LG Phone

A factory reset works similar to a hard reset but is done through software settings. This is generally done to remove personal information from it when you're selling or donating the phone. To perform a factory reset:

These instructions apply to Android 11 and higher.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to System > Advanced > Reset Options.

  2. Choose Erase all data (factory reset).

    An Android user factory resets their phone using the Settings app
  3. Press Erase all data and follow any further instructions to restore your phone to factory settings.

    An Android user performs a factory reset via the Settings app


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