How to Reset a HomePod

A reset can fix issues and remove a former user's data

What to Know

  • Home app > Tap and hold or double-click the HomePod icon > Choose Reset HomePod in the settings.
  • Unplug the HomePod, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in, and wait another 10 seconds. Place your finger on top of HomePod. Hold finger until you hear the beeps after Siri tells you the device is resetting.
  • Connect HomePod mini to your Mac. Open Finder, select your HomePod in the sidebar, and choose Restore HomePod on the right.

This article explains how to reset your HomePod using an Apple device or the speaker itself. You can reset your HomePod if you’re having trouble connecting to it and a restart doesn’t work. Or, if you’re selling it or sending it in for service, you should reset the HomePod to its factory settings.

Before You Reset Your HomePod

You should only reset your HomePod when absolutely necessary. As Apple states, you should reset your HomePod when you are sending the device in for service, are selling or giving the device away, or want to return the device to its factory settings.

If you are having trouble connecting to your HomePod or it isn’t responding as it should, try to restart it before resetting it.

Reset Your HomePod Using iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Just like initially setting up your HomePod with the Home app on your Apple device, you can reset it. So, open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and follow these steps.

  1. Locate your HomePod in the Home app. You can do this by selecting the Room your HomePod is in or if you have it in your Favorites on the Home tab.

  2. On iPhone or iPad, tap and hold the HomePod icon. On Mac, double-click the HomePod icon.

  3. When the window for your HomePod displays, scroll past Now Playing and Alarms to see the settings. You can also tap or click the gear icon to jump down to the settings quickly.

    HomePod and Settings gear highlighted in Apple Home app
  4. Select Reset HomePod.

  5. Choose Remove Accessory and then tap Remove.

    Remove HomePod, Remove Accessory, and Remove highlighted in Apple Home app

It may take several minutes for your HomePod to reset. When it finishes, you should hear a chime on the speaker.

Reset Your HomePod Using the Device

If you cannot reset your HomePod using the Home app, you can do so on the speaker itself.

  1. Unplug your HomePod from its power source, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.

  2. Wait another 10 seconds and then place your finger on the top center of the HomePod.

  3. Keep your finger in place and you’ll see the spinning white light turn red.

  4. Siri will tell you your HomePod is preparing to reset. When you hear the three beeps, lift your finger.

Reset Your HomePod Mini Using Mac

If you have a HomePod mini, you also have the option to restore it to its factory settings using your Mac. This is because this smaller version of the original HomePod has a USB-C connector which can be plugged into your Mac.

  1. Connect your HomePod mini to your Mac using the USB-C cable on the speaker.

  2. Open Finder on your Mac and expand Locations in the sidebar.

  3. Select your HomePod mini in the sidebar and click Restore HomePod on the right.

    Restore HomePod in Mac Locations folder
  4. Click Restore to confirm. You’ll see the progress of the reset process at the bottom of the Finder window which can take several minutes.

    Restore in Mac Locations folder
  5. When you see the message that your HomePod has been restored to its factory settings, click OK.

  6. Click the eject button next to the HomePod mini in the sidebar and disconnect the cable.

If restarting your HomePod doesn’t fix the issues or if you truly need to reset the device to its factory settings, it’s easy enough with HomePod or HomePod mini.

  • How do I connect my HomePod to a new Wi-Fi network?

    Connect to the network with your iPhone by going to Settings > Wi-Fi. Then, open the Home app, tap and hold the HomePod icon, and tap Move HomePod to network.

  • Why won't my HomePod connect to W-Fi?

    You may be trying to connect to the wrong network. Your iPhone and HomePod should be connected to the same network when setting up your HomePod. If the steps above for connecting to a new network don't work, try resetting your HomePod.

  • How do I use Apple AirPlay with my HomePod?

    You can listen to Spotify, Pandora, and other music services if you set up Apple AirPlay. On your iPhone, go to Control Center > AirPlay and select your HomePod in the Speakers & TVs section. Then, open the app you want to stream from and play a song.

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