How to Reset Your GoPro Password for Wi-Fi

Easily change your GoPro’s Wi-Fi password

What to Know

  • Swipe down from the main screen and choose Preferences > Connections > Reset Connections.
  • On HERO7 and later cameras, after pairing it to the GoPro app, you can change the camera's name.

This article explains how to reset the password on a GoPro HERO9; HERO8; HERO7 Black, Silver, and White; HERO6 Black; HERO5 Black; and GoPro Fusion. For older models, you can find instructions on GoPro’s website.

Reset GoPro Wi-Fi Password on the HERO9, HERO8, and HERO7 Black, Silver & White

To pair your GoPro action camera with your smartphone you need to know the GoPro’s Wi-Fi password. Luckily, if you forgot what it is, you can reset your GoPro Wi-Fi password, though you can’t create your own; the camera automatically generates it.

While the three HERO7 models have different features, the process for resetting the Wi-Fi password is the same for each.

  1. Go to the main screen.

    GoPro action camera display.
     Getty / David Becker
  2. Swipe down.

  3. Tap Preferences > Connections > Reset Connections.

  4. The camera will create a new name and password and display them on the screen.

How to Change the GoPro HERO7’s Camera Name

You can also change the camera’s name after you reset the connections. Resetting the name helps you differentiate between all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

  1. On the GoPro, go to Preferences > Connections > Connect New.

  2. Launch the GoPro app on your smartphone and tap Find My Camera.

    GoPro app "searching for camera" screen.
  3. The app should auto-detect the camera; if not, tap Add Manually, and choose your model from the list.

    GoPro app list of camera models you can pair.
  4. Once you’ve paired the camera to the GoPro app, you can change the camera name.

Reset the Password on the HERO6 and HERO5 Black

The process of resetting the Wi-Fi password on a HERO6 Black and HERO5 Black is slightly different. You also can’t change the HERO6 or HERO5's camera name, only the password.

  1. Go to the main screen

  2. Swipe down

  3. Tap Connect > Reset Connections > Reset.

  4. The camera will create a new Wi-Fi password and display it on the screen.

Reset GoPro Wi-Fi Password on the GoPro Fusion

The GoPro Fusion is a wearable 360 camera that you can use to create VR (virtual reality) videos. Like the HERO cameras it can also connect to the GoPro app, and your smartphone, via Wi-Fi.

  1. Press the Mode button on the side of the camera to power it on.

  2. Repeatedly press the Mode button until the Settings icon (wrench) appears

  3. Press the Shutter button on the front of the camera to go to Settings.

  4. Press the Shutter button three times to get to Connections settings.

  5. Once again, repeatedly press the Mode button, until the word "RESET" is highlighted. Press the Shutter button to select it.

  6. Press the Mode button to highlight "RESET," then press the Shutter button to confirm.

  7. This resets the camera's connections. 

Reset Wi-Fi Password for GoPro HERO5 Session

The HERO5 Session is a waterproof action cam that you bring down to 33 feet below the surface.

  1. Power off the camera.

  2. Repeatedly press the Menu button to get to the Status screen.

  3. Press the Shutter button to select Connections settings. 

  4. Once again, repeatedly press the Menu button, until you get to Reset Connections.

  5. Press the Shutter button to select Reset Connections.

  6. Press the Menu button to navigate to Yes.

  7. Press the Shutter button to select Yes.

  8. The screen will display Wi-Fi Reset Successful.

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