How to Reset a Frozen Motorola Xoom Tablet

Learn how to perform both soft and hard resets on the tablet

Motorola no longer manufactures the Xoom tablet, but you can still buy them online, and if you already have a Xoom, it may have a lot of life left. Like other tablets, it is not immune to the occasional crash or freeze. You'll need to reset the tablet to solve that particular problem. You can't pop off the case and pull out the battery for a few seconds like you can with many phones. The Xoom doesn't work that way. Holding down the power switch doesn't reset the Xoom. You may have tried sticking a paper clip in that tiny hole on the side of the tablet, but you shouldn't. ​That's the microphone. ​

You need to know how to perform a soft reset and a hard reset on your Xoom. 

Soft Reset for Frozen Xoom Tablets

To reset your Xoom when the screen is totally unresponsive, press Power and Volume Up at the same time for about three seconds. The two buttons are located right next to each other on the back and side of your Xoom. This is a soft reset. It's the equivalent of yanking the batteries or totally powering the device off and back on. When the Xoom powers back up, it will still have all your software and preferences. It just (hopefully) won't be frozen anymore.

Hard Reset for Xoom Tablets

If you need to go even further than that — that is, if the soft reset didn't help — you may need to perform a hard reset also known as a factory data reset. A hard reset wipes out all your data! Only use the hard reset as a last resort or if you want your data removed from the tablet. A good example of this is if you decide to sell your Xoom. You don't want your personal data floating around after someone else has it. In general, your Xoom should to be in working order for a hard reset, so try a soft reset first if the tablet is frozen. Here's how to perform a hard reset:

  1. Tap your finger on the bottom right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.

  2. Tap Settings. You should see the Settings menu.

  3. Tap Privacy in the Settings menu. 

  4. Under Personal Data, you'll see Factory data reset. Press it. Pressing this button erases all your data and restores all the factory default settings. You'll be asked for confirmation and after you confirm, your data is wiped.

If you ever get another Android phone or tablet, you don't need a new Gmail account or a new Google account. You can still download the apps you've purchased (as long as they're compatible with the new device) and use other things associated with your Google account. A factory data reset only erases the information from your tablet, not your account. 

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