How to Reset a Fire TV Cube

Get your Cube ready to sell or fix unfixable problems

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Mute buttons to start the reset process.
  • You can also navigate to Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • You can't set up a Fire TV Cube without a physical remote, so don't reset your Fire TV Cube if you only have the remote app on your phone.

This article explains how to reset a Fire TV Cube if you’re planning on selling or gifting it, or you’re experiencing a problem you can’t fix through other means.

Resetting your Fire TV Cube will restore it to factory original settings, after which you will have to set it up again as if it were brand new. If you just want to restart your Fire TV Cube, unplug it from power and then plug it back in.

How Do I Reset My Amazon Fire TV Cube?

There are two ways to reset your Fire TV Cube. If your Fire TV Cube is unresponsive, but your remote works, press and hold the Volume Down and Mute buttons until the light flashes blue. This will reset the Fire TV Cube even if it’s unresponsive.

If your Fire TV Cube is responsive, you can initiate a factory reset from the menus:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.

    The Fire TV Cube home screen with Home highlighted
  2. Select Settings.

    Settings highlighted on Fire TV Cube.
  3. Select My Fire TV.

    Fire TV settings with My Fire TV highlighted
  4. Select Reset to Factory Defaults.

    Reset to Factory Defaults selected in Fire TV Cube settings.
  5. Select Reset.

    Reset highlighted in the Fire TV Cube reset menu.

How Do You Reset a Fire TV Cube Without a Remote?

You can reset a Fire TV Cube without a physical remote by using the Fire TV app as a Fire TV Cube remote. The process outlined in the previous section will work with the Fire TV remote app just the same as it does with the regular remote. The problem is you can't set up a Fire TV Cube without the remote.

Do not reset your Fire TV Cube unless you have a physical remote. Setup after resetting a Fire TV Cube requires a physical remote. If you don't have a remote, then you won't be able to use your Fire TV Cube after resetting it.

If you lost your Fire TV Cube remote, and you need to reset the Cube, you will need to obtain a compatible remote first. Your options are to buy a new remote, borrow a remote from a friend, or use a Fire TV remote from a different Fire TV device you own.

You will need to reset the Cube using the Fire TV remote app or the replacement remote and use the replacement remote to perform the initial setup. You can then return the remote to its original owner or reconnect it to your other Fire TV device, and use the Fire TV app on your phone to control your Fire TV Cube.

Here are the steps to reset a Fire TV cube without the original remote:

  1. Obtain a replacement remote, and connect it to your Fire TV Cube.

    You can buy a replacement, borrow one, or use a compatible remote from another Fire TV device you own.

  2. Reset the Fire TV Cube using the procedure outlined in the previous section.

  3. When prompted, press the home button on the replacement remote.

    Fire TV Cube requiring a physical remote.

    You can't get past this step without a compatible remote. Even if you connect your Fire TV Cube to your network with an Ethernet adapter and successfully connect the Fire TV remote app, pressing home in the app will not let you proceed past this step.

  4. Connect the Fire TV remote app to your Fire TV Cube.

  5. Return the replacement remote to the person you borrowed it from or reconnect it to the Fire TV device it came with.

  6. Use the Fire TV remote app on your phone to control your Fire TV Cube.

Why Reset a Fire TV Cube?

When you reset a Fire TV Cube, you return it to the same state it was in when it was first manufactured. That means everything is deleted from the device, including apps you've downloaded to your Fire TV, your account information, your Wi-Fi details, and all other data. After a reset, a Fire TV Cube has to be set up as if it were a brand new device. There are a lot of reasons to do this, but you may want to consider other fixes if you don’t actually want to remove all of your data and account information.

Some of the reasons to reset a Fire TV Cube include:

  • You’re getting rid of the Fire TV Cube: It’s a good idea to reset a Fire TV Cube before you sell it, give it away, or trade it in. If you don’t, the new owner of the device will have limited access to your Amazon account, and they will be able to purchase and rent videos using your account if you never set up a PIN.
  • The device is slow or unresponsive: In some cases, you’ll find the only way to fix a slow or unresponsive Fire TV Cube is to reset it. Make sure to exhaust the other options first, but you may run into a situation where this is the only option.
  • Out of storage: If your Fire TV Cube has run out of storage and you don’t want to go through the trouble of deleting individual apps or clearing individual caches, performing a reset will give you a clean start. Keep in mind while this will save you time initially, you will have to set up the device from scratch and re-download everything.
  • Fire TV Cube or an app is malfunctioning: You can fix most app problems by uninstalling and reinstalling, but some app issues and problems with the Fire TV Cube itself can only be fixed by a reset.
  • How do I install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Cube?

    To install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Cube, go to Settings > System > Developer Options (or Device > Developer Options) and enable ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. Make sure you know your Fire TV Cube's IP address, then install Downloader from Amazon's App Store, launch the app, and enter Kodi's most recent APK file. Select Download, then follow the Kodi installation prompts.

  • How do you set up a Fire TV Cube?

    To set up your Fire TV Cube, connect the device to your TV with an HDMI cable. Plug in the power adapter, then plug the other end into your Fire TV Cube. Turn on your TV and navigate to the HDMI input. The remote should automatically connect. Select your language, sign in to your Amazon account, then follow the setup prompts.

  • How do I deregister an Amazon Fire TV Cube?

    To deregister your Fire TV Cube, log in to your Amazon account, select Content and Devices, then click the Devices tab. Choose your Amazon Fire TV Cube, then select Deregister.

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