How to Reset Chromecast Ultra

Fix a malfunctioning device or get it ready to sell

What to Know

  • Using the Google Home app: Tap your Chromecast Ultra > gear icon > three vertical dot icon > Factory Reset > Factory Reset
  • If you’ve changed Wi-Fi networks, push the reset button on the Chromecast Ultra until the light stops flashing orange and turns white. 
  • To restart/reboot the Chromecast Ultra, open the Google Home app and tap your Chromecast Ultra > three vertical dots icon > Reboot.

This article explains how to reset a Chromecast Ultra, including instructions for resetting through the Google Home app, and how to reset a Chromecast Ultra with new Wi-Fi.

How Do You Do a Hard Reset on Chromecast Ultra?

If your Chromecast Ultra isn’t working properly, or you’re planning on giving it away or selling it, then you can perform a hard reset. When you reset a Chromecast Ultra, the device is returned to its original factory state. Any customization is lost, and it’s removed from your Google Home. After you perform a reset, you will need to set up your Chromecast as if it were a new device before it can be used again.

If you don’t want to completely reset your Chromecast Ultra and remove it from your Google Home, you can try a reboot. The process is similar, and you can follow the process below, but select Reboot in step 5 instead of Factory Reset.

Here’s how to reset a Chromecast Ultra:

  1. Open the Google Home app.

  2. Tap your Chromecast Ultra.

  3. Tap the gear icon.

  4. Tap the more icon (three vertical dots).

    Office TV Chromecast, Settings gear, and three-dot menu highlighted in the Google Home app.
  5. Tap Factory Reset.

  6. Tap Factory Reset.

  7. Wait for the process to finish, and the Chromecast Ultra will be reset and removed from your account.

    Chromecast Ultra settings in Google Home with Factory reset highlighted

How Do I Reset My Chromecast Ultra to a New Wi-Fi?

Normally, your Chromecast Ultra needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi you used to set it up before you can reset it. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to connect to it with the Google Home app and issue the reset command.

If you’ve relocated your Chromecast Ultra or replaced your router and need to reset it to work with a different Wi-Fi network, then you can use the physical reset button. After you reset the Chromecast Ultra, you’ll be able to set it up with your new Wi-Fi network using the Google Home app.

Here’s how to reset a Chromecast Ultra with the reset button if you have a new Wi-Fi network:

  1. Make sure the Chromecast Ultra is plugged in and turned on.

  2. Push the reset button on your Chromecast Ultra.

    The reset button indicated on a Chromecast Ultra.
  3. Hold the reset button down while the indicator light blinks orange.

    A Chromecast Ultra with the light flashing orange.
  4. When the indicator light turns white, release the reset button.

    A Chromecast Ultra with the indicator light white.
  5. Your Chromecast Ultra is now ready for setup and connection to your new Wi-Fi network.

Where Is the Reset Button on My Chromecast Ultra?

The Chromecast Ultra reset button is located right next to the indicator light, near the hard-wired HDMI cable. If you hold the Chromecast Ultra in your left hand and the HDMI cable in your right hand, with the shiny side of the device pointing away from you, you’ll find the reset button located directly to the left of the hard-wired HDMI cable. It’s set into the bottom half of the Chromecast Ultra, the side with the matte finish, directly below the seam where the matte and shiny portions of the device meet.

The button is a little difficult to push, but you will feel a click when it has been pushed in far enough, and the light should immediately begin to flash orange. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure, but the button is flush with the Chromecast case, so it can be tough to depress using your finger. If you have difficulty pushing the button with your finger, you may find it easier to depress with your fingernail or a small implement like a tweezer or screwdriver.

  • How do I reset a Chromecast Audio?

    To reset a Chromecast Audio, open the Google Home app and tap your Chromecast Audio device. Tap Settings (gear icon) > More (three dots) > Factory Reset > Factory Reset. Be aware that this will clear all your data and can't be undone.

  • How do I reset a Chromecast 1st Generation?

    To reset your first-generation Chromecast, open the Google Home app, tap Devices, and select your device. Tap Settings > More > Factory Reset > Factory Reset. Alternatively, press the button on the backside of the Chromecast until the LED light starts flashing. The TV screen will go dark as the Chromecast resets.

  • How do I set up a Chromecast?

    Plug in the Chromecast and download the Google Home app. Open the app and follow the prompts. If you're not prompted, tap Add (plus sign) > Set up Device > New device, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

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