Resend a Message in Windows Mail

The send message button in a client.

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Delivery failed?

All right: let's have another go, maybe removing the recipient whose address proved erroneous! Unfortunately, Windows Mail includes no "resend" command.

You can still resend a message with a few quick strokes of mouse and key — or even turn it into a template for multiple future emails.

Resend a Message in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To resend an email in Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  • Highlight the message in the Sent Items folder.
  • Select Message | Forward from the menu.
  • Remove "Fwd: " from the Subject: line.
  • Highlight and delete everything from "----- Original Message -----" to the beginning of the original message's text.
    If the original message is not included, make sure Include message in reply is checked on the Send tab reached by selecting Tools | Options... from the menu.
  • Hit Delete.
  • Address and send the message.

Alternatively, you can save the message as a .eml file, which you can re-send easily and even use as stationery.

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