How to Resend an Email in Outlook

Change your message, or send to different recipients

There are several reasons to resend an email in the Microsoft Outlook email program. Save time by changing a message slightly and sending it to a different contact or other addresses from a Bcc list. If a message bounces back to you as undeliverable, resend it to the correct address. If a recipient lost your email, resend the message to them.

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Here's how to quickly and easily resend a message in Microsoft Outlook.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010, as well as Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook Online.

How to Resend an Email in Outlook for Windows

When you want to resend an email in Outlook, use an existing message as the starting point for a new one.

If you resend a message you didn't originally send, make sure the recipients know it's a message you received from someone else.

  1. Go to the Sent Items folder or another folder that contains the email you want to resend.

    Sent Items folder in Outlook
  2. Open the message in a separate window.

    To find an email, enter a contact name or email address in the Search box.

    An opened email within Outlook
  3. In the Message window, select File.

  4. In the left pane, select Info.

    Info pane in Outlook
  5. Select Message Resend and Recall

    Message Resend and Recall button in Outlook
  6. A copy of the message appears in a new window. Make any changes you want to the message. For example, change the recipients or any wording in the message body.

    To prevent the resent email from being blocked as a forged message by the recipient's email service, change the From email header. Select the From drop-down and choose your email address.

  7. Select Send.

How to Resend an Email in Outlook for Mac

Follow the instructions below to resend an email in Microsoft Outlook for Mac:

  1. Go to the ​Sent folder.

  2. Right-click the message you want to resend.

    To quickly find an email, enter a keyword in the Search box.

  3. Select Resend.

    Resend menu item in Outlook for Mac
  4. Make any changes you want to the message content. For example, add or delete recipients to send the message to a different group of people.

  5. Select Send​.

How to Resend an Email in

To resend an email message in, use a workaround:

  1. Right-click the message you want to resend.

  2. Select Forward.

    Forward menu item in Outlook
  3. In the To text box, enter the recipients​.

  4. Delete Fw from the beginning of the Subject line.

    Fw: text to remove in Outlook
  5. Delete any text that was automatically added to the beginning of the original email. This includes empty text, your Outlook signature, a horizontal line, and the header information (From, Sent, To, and Subject information).

    Email body text to remove in Outlook
  6. Make other changes to the email content, if needed.

  7. Select Send.

    Send button in Outlook
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