Streaming Music in Mumble as a DJ

Question: Explanation of Requirements: Streaming Music in Mumble as a DJ

Answer: (Continued from "How to Play Music in Mumble, Part 1")

I) Winamp is the recommended music player because it is the easiest software to configure for most users. iTunes, Windows Media Player, and CyberDJ can also stream music, but Winamp is the easiest setup. Arguably, it is also the most flexible free product for useful DJ features, like shuffling, cross-fade song mixing, and integration with Ventrilo.

II) Virtual Audio Cable is the music routing software at the heart of this whole music-streaming technique. VAC is the tool that transfers specific audio streams to specific software packages, speakers, and microphones. This is how we send music and voice to different outputs from the same computer.

Download the trial VAC software at Eugene Muzychenko's website. It's recommended that you purchase the full software for $30 at Avangate. There are also copies of the software available elsewhere on the Web. The latest VAC version is 4.10 (May, 2011).

IIIa) Disable Windows Driver Signing is one way to permit VAC to run on Windows. This manual process requires you to reboot your Windows, press F8 during the boot, and 'Disable Driver Signing'. Then you boot into Windows completely, now with permission for VAC to execute for that session. This procedure needs to be repeated for each reboot of your PC.

IIIb) Driver Signature Enforcement Override is the alternative to the F8 reboot procedure above. Using DSEO, we can command Windows to allow VAC to run. (Download DSEO here). Because Microsoft dislikes 3rd party development software that doesn't pay licensing fees to them, Windows will disallow 3rd party developer products from running without "digital signatures".

This lockout annoyance can be bypassed by disabling the Windows User Access Control, or as we suggest here, by removing the Windows driving signing lock with DSEO. This DSEO utility is quite harmless and will permit development software like VAC to run on your box.

IV) Two simultaneous instances of Mumble: music streaming utilizes one Mumble ID for your regular self and a separate Mumble ID for your music player. Two copies of the software will need to run simultaneously for this to work. This is easy to configure, as the step-by-step guide below will describe.

Step-by-Step Visual Guide:
Configure Your Computer to Play Music on Mumble

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