How to Repost a Photo or Video on Instagram

Use the Repost for Instagram app to share posts

What to Know

  • Download and install Repost for Instagram app > open app > sign in with Instagram account.
  • Next, choose photo or video to view > select Repost > set options > Repost.

This article explains how to repost (i.e. share) photos and videos from other users on Instagram.

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Get Started with Reposting on Instagram

Many Instagram users have resorted to taking screenshots of photos posted by others, which they can upload to their own Instagram profile, which is one way to do it. But that doesn't often solve the problem of giving credit to the original owner. Likewise, you can't repost a video post by taking a screenshot of it.

In this tutorial, we will show you how easy it is to get started with one of the best third-party Instagram reposting apps available. We'll be using Repost for Instagram because it's extremely popular and it has great ratings. It's also available for free for Android devices.

Click through the next few slides to see example screenshots for how it's done.

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Sign in to Repost for Instagram

Once you've downloaded Repost for Instagram to your iPhone or Android device, you can open it up and use it to sign in to your Instagram account. You must have an existing Instagram account in order to use this app.

What's great about this Repost app is that there's so much you can do with it. As soon as you've signed in using your Instagram account, you'll be brought to your home tab, where you can start looking around for content to repost.

Here's a quick breakdown of what you'll find.

Feed: The most recently shared photos from users you follow.

Media: The most recently shared videos from users you follow.

Likes: Posts you recently liked (by hitting the heart button).

Favorites: When you're browsing posts through the Repost app, you can hit the three dots in the top right corner of a post and tap "Add To Favorites" to save them under this tab.

The main menu found at the very bottom of the screen has three general tabs you can browse through: your own profile (or home tab), what's currently popular on Instagram, and a search tab.

Although you can browse through posts using the Repost app just as you would on Instagram, you can't comment on any of them. You can, however, tap the heart button to like posts directly through the Repost app.

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Tap a Photo (or Video) You Want to Repost

Tapping a photo or video will allow you to view it in full size as if you were looking at it on Instagram. You'll be able to "like" it if you haven't yet, and read comments left by other users.

From there, you can tap the blue "Repost" button in the right corner beneath the post if you'd like to post it to your own profile. Doing this will give you some editing options, such as changing the orientation of the post.

Once you like how it looks, tap the big blue "Repost" button at the bottom.

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Open It in Instagram

Hitting the blue "Repost" button will prompt a tab from your phone to open up, giving you a few options to trigger some of the apps you already have installed. One of them should be Instagram.

Tap the Instagram icon. You'll be shifted over to the Instagram app, and the post will be there for you already, all set for you to apply filters to it and edit it however you like.

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Add an Optional Caption

The caption from the original poster will be automatically carried over to your Instagram post along with a tagged credit to the user, so you can leave it as it is, add to it, or even delete it altogether.

You can even tap "Tag People" to tag the original user as a nice gesture to give even more of a credit perk to them.

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Publish Your Post

When you're all done with editing and customizing your caption, you can post your repost!

It will show a small image credit in the bottom left corner of the post, displaying the original user's icon and username. And that's all there is to it.

Instagram is not expected to introduce an in-app repost feature of its own anytime soon, so for now, this is your next best option. You can repost anything in just a few seconds—including videos. You can even repost someone's Instagram story if it makes sense for your own audience.

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