How to Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug

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What would you do without Mozilla Thunderbird? Then again... what's Mozilla Thunderbird doing without your favorite Outlook feature and with that long-standing bug?

Short of taking to the code yourself or hiring hackers, you can help Mozilla Thunderbird get better by reporting bugs with as much lucid detail as possible and suggesting feature improvements or voting for them — it's all in a Bugzilla visit.

Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug or Suggest a Feature or Improvement for It

To report a bug you've found in Mozilla Thunderbird or suggest an enhancement or new feature:

If your issue has already been reported:

  • Add anything new you can contribute as a comment.
    • If the bug is reported to happen on Linux and you see it under Mac OS X, for example, you can say so in a comment. Do not change the bug's fields, though.
    • If you can add circumstances under which the problem occurs—in particular if it is not yet clear how a bug can be reproduced in the discussion so far—, that's great.
  • Vote for the bug to increase its visibility.

If you find no existing bug that covers what you want to report:

  • Create a new bug report.
  • Follow the detailed instructions on the Bugzilla site.
    • If you suggest a new feature or improvement, make sure Enhancement: Request for a new feature or enhancement. is selected under Severity. You can also add "Feature Request:" to the Summary field.
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