How to Report a Message as Spam to Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail has decent spam filters, and most of the unsolicited messages are placed in the Spam (or Bulk Mail in Yahoo! Mail Classic) folder automatically.

But once in a while spam will make it to your Yahoo! Mail Inbox nevertheless. This is annoying, but it is also your chance to improve the Yahoo! Mail spam filters.

If you report the spam to Yahoo! Mail, they can modify the filters to catch that kind of spam in the future, too.

Report a Message as Spam to Yahoo! Mail

To alert Yahoo! Mail about a junk mail that made it past the spam filter:

  • Open the message or tick its check box in the mailbox.
    • You can check multiple boxes to report more than one message at once.
  • Click the Spam button in Yahoo! Mail's toolbar.

Report a Message as Spam to Yahoo! Mail Classic

To submit a junk email as spam to Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Check the boxes of the junk mail messages you want to submit.
    • Alternatively, if you just want to submit one message as spam, you can also open it.
  • Click the Spam button.
    • You can find this button next to the Delete button.
  • Click the Mark Messages as Spam (or the Mark Message as Spam) button.

The message will be deleted and is forwarded to those maintaining the Yahoo! Mail anti-spam filters automatically.