Reporting Spam to Improve Hotmail Junk Filter

No junk mail keyboard

 Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Together with still being free, one of the best things about Windows Live Hotmail is the pretty effective spam filtering.

The Chance of False Positives

Still, the chance of false positives — good messages classified as junk by mistake — is always looming, and so the Windows Live Hotmail spam filter is not super aggressive when it is not sure about an email. Fortunately, you can help it become more confident by reporting spam, which will translate to less spam in your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox in the future.

To Report Spam in Windows Live Hotmail

  • Make sure the checkboxes of the messages you want to report as spam are selected.
  • Click Junk from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.

If you are unsure about a message, you can also open it and then report it individually using Junk from the message's toolbar.