How to Report Someone on Discord

You can also report a Discord server

What to Know

  • If you have an issue with another user on Discord, you should always first contact the server's moderator.
  • If that fails, right-click any offending message and select Copy Message Link. Fill out Discord's Trust and Safety form with the link and describe your issue.
  • If you have a problem with an entire server, use the same form to describe your issue and submit it to the Trust & Security team.

This article covers how to report a person or server on the desktop version of Discord and includes tips for avoiding problems on Discord.

How to Report a Person or Server on Desktop Discord

When it comes to social media, we all know there are jerks out there, and Discord is no different. Luckily it's easy to report someone or a server if you have an unresolvable issue.

However, if possible, you should first bring issues to a moderator on the server where they occurred. Server moderators often have familiarity with users in question and, in turn, can better mediate disputes.

It's also essential to make sure you're only reporting someone for a serious issue, like if a user is violating Discord's community guidelines or otherwise harassing you.

If you feel unsafe or like you might be in danger on a Discord server, this is likely beyond the Discord support team's paygrade. The most Discord can do to an offending user is ban their account, which may not always work. In these situations, contacting your local police department or a trusted friend or family member is a better first step.

The entire reporting process revolves around contacting Discord's dedicated Trust & Security support team by way of filling out a form describing your issue. Depending on your problem, further information may be required.

  1. If there's an offending user, select an offensive message, right-click it, and select Copy Message Link. Fill out Discord's Trust and Safety form, describe your issue, and include the link.

  2. If there's an offending user but not a specific message, fill out Discord's Trust and Safety form, describe your issue, and include the user's full username as well as the server where any problems occurred.

  3. If there's an entire server you have an issue with, include any relevant details in Discord's Trust and Safety form addressed to the Trust & Security team. Copying the server link, like you can with an individual message, is ideal for making sure Discord understands which server, specifically, you are referring to. You can find the link by going through the process of inviting someone to the server: right-click the server > Invite People > Copy.

Tips to Avoid Issues on Discord

Naturally, prevention is the best medicine, and there are steps you can take on Discord to minimize your chances of having negative interactions.

  • A member of any large servers with many strangers? Right-click the server and select Privacy Settings. Toggle off Allow direct messages from server members. Now, you'll only be able to interact with people on a server on that server.
  • Are you annoyed by what's currently happening on a server? Right-click the server and select Mute Server; then, choose how long you'd like to silence notifications, either temporarily or indefinitely.
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