How to Report an Outage or Issue

If is down, let Microsoft know will not load? Is your inbox oddly empty? Messages you send do not reach their destinations in hours?

When you are so unfortunate as to experience an issue with, you can alert the team to the issue — when they are not yet aware of it, of course.

Report an Outage or Issue

After troubleshooting your account to make sure there is no problem on your end, you can report a problem with

  1. Check the status for known issues.

  2. Check for fixes or workarounds for recent issues with Microsoft Support.

  3. Visit the Community Forum to see if others are reporting the same problem you are experiencing. If so, you might wish to add your experience to the discussion and look for solutions or see if Microsoft is working on a resolution. If not, you can start a new discussion.

  4. Chat with a Virtual Agent. Briefly describe your issue, and the assistant will walk you through potential fixes for it.

    Microsoft Virtual Agent chat
  5. Contact support. If nothing else resolves your issue, go to the Microsoft Support page and under Contact Us, select Open Get Help App.

    Open Get Help app button on Contact Microsoft Support page
  6. On the App window, type in and press Enter. Select Contact Us in the lower left of the window.

    Contact us in Get Help app
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