Report: Leaked Samsung Galaxy "Bean" Buds Will Have Noise Cancelling

They're still odd-looking, though

A new report out of Korea says Samsung is ready to go head-to-head with Apple on a new earbud design that looks like a bean and will include active noise cancelling.

Artist's rendering of possible upcoming Samsung Galaxy Earbuds / @rquandt

A new report from Korea says Samsung's recently-leaked bean-shaped earbuds will likely have active noise cancelling (ANC), a likely bid to compete with Apple's insanely popular AirPod Pro models.

Specifications: The new Bean Buds, if we can coin a phrase, will have two speakers and three mics each, and will be a little smaller than 28mm long and 13mm wide, with a 26mm thick charging case, according to the report. The Beans should come in around the same price as the current Galaxy Buds+, at about 170,000 won, or $140USD. The addition of ANC is something our reviewer hoped for, but expected a higher price.

The report says the new Beans should last around 11 hours on a charge, which seems in line with current wireless ANC earbuds.

Bottom line: With no official Samsung confirmation, any new Galaxy Bud features or specs should be taken with a grain of salt, of course. If they do come to fruition, says the report, the new Bean Buds could be released with new Galaxy Note iterations, sometime in August.

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