Report: It Might Be Harder to Get a PS5 This Fall

Sony could limit the amount of consoles at launch

A limited number of PS5 consoles could make them harder to purchase for the holidays in 2020, echoing the difficulties in obtaining the PS3 when it was launched.

Sony PlayStation DualSense 5 wireless controller
Sony PlayStation DualSense 5 wireless controller.  Sony

Sony is reportedly planning to make significantly fewer numbers of upcoming PlayStation 5 consoles in its launch year, according to Bloomberg. The PS5 is rumored to launch sometime in the October - December months of 2020, in time for the holiday season.

The past: Sony had similar issues with the PlayStation 3, with limited numbers of consoles produced at launch, making the PS3 hard to find. Sony seemed to have fixed the issue with the PlayStation 4 launch, which seemed to provide plenty of consoles for hungry gamers.

Sources say: The limited number of devices isn't due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, sources told Bloomberg, but to an expected high price for the console which could lead to a lower demand. The sources say the health crisis has affected promotional plans, however.

PS4: $300
PS4 Pro: $400
Install base: 112.6 million units

Xbox One S: $249
Xbox One X: $500
Install base: 46.8 million units

Bottom line: Sony's Playstation 4 has been a massive success, garnering more than twice the number of installed units as competitor Microsoft's Xbox One. While fewer consoles at launch could limit early adopters' chances at the new PS5 console, it's likely that most consumers will simply wait and purchase it later.

Via: Kotaku

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