Report: Google's Next Streaming Device Powered by Android TV

It will likely be rebranded as a Google Nest product

Google's Chromecast was a big hit; adding streaming capability to a familiar form could leapfrog the company ahead of Amazon, Apple, and Roku.

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A new report at Protocol confirms that Google is working on a device that brings streaming content onto a new device (first discovered by 9to5Google) to compete with the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Roku.

What is planned: Anonymous sources at Google told Protocol that the device will look a lot like a Chromecast, but will offer content streaming much like the Apple TV, Roku, Amazon's Fire TV (and now Tivo) do. The new device will likely come with a fuller Android TV interface and its own remote. Unlike current Chromecast dongles, you'll be able to install apps on the device itself, rather than using your phone as a media source. It will also have Google Assistant on board for voice control, may still include the ability to cast media from your other devices, and include the Google Stadia game streaming service.

Rebranding: The report says Google plans to market the new dongle under a new name, likely branded as a Nest device, which Google acquired in 2014.

When: The report says it's unclear when such a new device will be officially announced, especially with Google's annual I/O conference cancelled and other COVID-19-style supply-chain slowdowns in place.

Bottom line: Still, Google jumping into the streaming wars makes a lot of sense, especially as Chromecast has taken a backseat to more capable devices. If the company can offer the device and service at a low price, it might replicate the earlier success of Chromecast.

Via: The Verge

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