Report: Apple is Making Modular Over-Ear Headphones

You'll be able to switch from fashion- to fitness-style modules

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Apple is developing a new set of over-ear headphones that have switchable features, like from fashionable leather to fitness-focused materials, according to a new report over at Bloomberg.

Like an Apple Watch: The idea seems to be similar to the way we can switch out Apple Watch bands depending on our activity: A fancy metal link band for business, a velcro-style band for running, etc.

Premium gear: The headphones will likely have the same easy Bluetooth pairing, Siri capabilities, and active noise cancellation as AirPod Pros, but will not be branded with Beats, the company Apple acquired in 2014. Bloomberg says these new headphones are set to compete with high-end offerings from Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser, at a similar $350 price point.

Delays and pandemic: Apparently, the headphones have been in the works since 2018, and have been delayed twice. Sources tell Bloomberg that Apple hopes to launch the new devices in late 2020, but that COVID-19 delays could still affect when the product is released and which features it includes.

Wearables: Apple has a solid accessories line, Bloomberg notes, generating $24.5 billion from the likes of AirPods, Beats headphones, and Apple Watch, which is about as much as it makes from Macs, and $3 billion more than iPad revenues.

Bottom line: As more of us hang on to our iPhones these days, Apple needs to keep pushing its other revenues to continue to make money. Adding a new over-ear AirPods-branded set of headphones seems like a logical next step.

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