Reply to an Email with Attachment in Mac Os X Mail

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Replying with Original Attachments. Alex Belomlinsky / Getty Images
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Normally, here's what you do: you quote just enough in your reply for the recipient to know what you are writing about — and certainly not huge attachments. Normally, that's what Mac OS X Mail does, too. It does not include attached files in replies.

But what about small attachments, or replies that include people who may not have received the original message and its files, or replies to people who you know will ask you to resend the attachment?

Can't Mac OS X Mail make an exception, like you can? Sure.

Reply to an Email Including Original Attachments in Mac OS X Mail

To attach the original message's attachments to your reply:

  • Click the Reply button.
    • Make sure you do not highlight text to quote only part of the message.
    • If you do highlight and quote selectively, make sure the desired attachment is highlighted as well.
  • Select Edit | Attachments | Include Original Attachments in Reply from the menu.

You can remove the attached files (and replace them with file names) by selecting Edit | Attachments | Include Original Attachments in Reply again.