Email Templates with One Click from Yandex.Mail

How to work the mouse from Lisa Operation Manual. © Kit Cowan; CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license

"Hi there,

thank you much for writing in! Please note I do read, handle and reply to email about once per week.

If you need to reach me with more urgency, please

  • call my cell phone if you do have the number or
  • email my assistant at <>.

all the best,

You do not reply to every email you get with this pre-composed message; you do for most incoming emails, though, to set expectations and fend off irritations.

Maybe you also refer people who ask questions you have answered before and answered publicly to those answers, say on the web; maybe you reply to people who forward en masse what you care not at all to receive with a stern note pleading for an end to this; maybe your most frequent reply is made up of something different entirely. Whatever it is, you can engage Yandex.Mail to send the oft-needed reply faster—but still not as a fully automated reply.

In Yandex.Mail, you can set up a message template and assign it to a button in the message and list toolbars. Using this Autoreply button, you can send the template as a reply immediately—without questions asked or further confirmation demanded.

Note that there is only one Autoreply button and only one email template can be assigned to it; it is good, perhaps, to make it the reply you use most often.

Reply with a Ready-Made Email Template with 1 Click from Yandex.Mail

To send a one-click semi-automatic reply using a boilerplate email from Yandex.Mail:

  • Make sure the Autoreply button is enabled and set up to send the desired message. (See below.)
  • Open the message to which you want to reply.
    • You can also select it in the message list; note that you cannot check and reply to more than one email in one go using Autoreply, though.
  • Click Autoreply in the message's toolbar.
    • If you do not see Autoreply, click More in the toolbar and select Autoreply from the menu that has appeared.

    A reply using the auto-reply template will be sent without further confirmation.

    Set Up the "Autoreply" Button in Yandex.Mail

    To configure the message which the Autoreply button will send:

    • Go to your Yandex.Mail inbox.
    • Hover the mouse button over the main Yandex.Mail toolbar at the top.
      • The toolbar shows items such as Compose, Check mail and Forward.
    • Click the gear icon () that has appeared inside the toolbar.
    • If Autoreply is not highlighted:
      • Click Autoreply.
    • If Autoreply is already highlighted:
      • Position the mouse cursor over Autoreply.
      • Click the gear icon that is visible inside the Autoreply button.
    • Choose the desired email template for quick replies under Select template.
    • Click Save.
    • Now click Save changes.
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