How to Reply to an Email in Yahoo! Mail

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You've received a friendly email in your Yahoo! Mail box, and now you want to send a reply to the sender. Nothing could be easier — if you know how to do it.

Reply to an Email in Yahoo! Mail

To compose a reply to a message you have received in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Open the message or highlight it in its mailbox.
  • Press R.
    • Or alternatively, you can click the Reply button in Yahoo! Mail's toolbar.
    • Click the down arrow next to the Reply button and select Reply to All to have your reply addressed to all recipients of the original messages (excluding yourself). Make sure your reply is relevant to all recipients if you use this.
  • Compose your message and click Send.

You can also reply fast and without distractions using the quick reply bar.

Reply to an Email in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To send a reply to an email message in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Open the message you want to reply to.
    • To open an email in Yahoo! Mail Classic, click on its subject.
  • Now click on the Reply button.
    • You can find this button at the top of the message along with other buttons (Delete and Forward, for example).
  • Type your reply.
    • If you find the original message quoted in your reply, make sure you quote properly.
  • When you have finished editing, click Send to deliver your reply.

Prevent Yahoo! Mail from Indenting Quoted Passages in Plain Text Emails

If you don't like how Yahoo! Mail puts '>' characters in front of quoted text in plain text messages:

  • Select Options > Mail Options from the Yahoo! Mail toolbar.
  • Go to the General category.
  • Make sure Mark original message with > (plain text only) is not checked under When replying & forwarding:.
  • Click Save Changes.