How to Remove the BlackBerry Torch Back Cover

Replace the battery, SIM and MicroSD on a BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry Torch 9860

At a day and age when touchscreen smartphones such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge rule the roost, it's interesting how an old-school device with a physical keyboard like the BlackBerry Torch still has a following. Even BlackBerry is releasing a slew of touchscreen-only phones, though it also contends that it will continue to release devices with physical keyboards as well.

For folks still rocking this 2010 classic, which comes with a best-of-both-worlds approach featuring both a physical keyboard and touchscreen, knowing how to access its various nooks and crannies will go a long way in squeezing the most out of the device. This includes the ability to swap various stuff in and out when you need extra juice, memory or service in case you're traveling across different borders. Fortunately, getting access to a BlackBerry Torch’s battery, SIM card or MicroSD card is as easy as taking off the back panel or cover. The trick is to know how to take the back panel out.

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Removing the BlackBerry Torch's Back Cover

Press your thumbs on the BlackBerry Torch back cover for leverage. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

What you need to do first is hold the BlackBerry Torch sideways (i.e. horizontally). If you’re right-handed, put your right thumb on the BlackBerry logo on the back and your left thumb parallel to it on the left side.​

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Sliding Out the BlackBerry Torch Back Cover

Blackberry Torch
With your thumbs pressed on the back cover, push sideways to remove the back cover. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Remember that Queen song "Under Pressure"? A little bit of pressure is exactly what you need in order to get the back cover off. First, try to apply pressure with your thumbs and slide out the back cover sideways. If you’re holding it right-handed, then push to the left. If you’re holding it left-handed, then push it to the right. 

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The BlackBerry Torch's Exposed Back Panel

Blackberry Torch
The back of a BlackBerry Torch without the back cover. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Voila. Now you have access to the battery, SIM card and MicroSD card. Feel free to pause for a moment and admire your handiwork.

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Removing the BlackBerry Torch's Micro SD Memory Card

Blackberry Torch
Use your nails to remove the BlackBerry Torch's MicroSD memory card. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

To remove the Micro SD memory card, just use your well-manicured nails on the upper groove of the memory card itself. Once you've got a bit of leverage pull the card out and it should slide right off.

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Removing the BlackBerry Torch's Battery

Blackberry Torch
Take out the battery by pulling it out via the groove pictured above. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Taking out the battery is pretty easy, too. To remove it, just get your nails on the upper right-hand groove of the battery socket and pull it out. If you're a jet-setting power user, this is quite useful as it allows you to bring a couple or so spares to keep your phone powered for an extended period without having to plug into a wall outlet or external battery. To replace the battery, simply do the process above in reverse and you're golden.

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Removing the BlackBerry Torch SIM card

Blackberry Torch
Press down on the BlackBerry Torch SIM card and slide it out. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

With the battery out, press down on the exposed part of the SIM card with your thumb or other finger and slide it out.

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Putting Back the BlackBerry Torch Back Cover

Blackberry Torch
Slide back the cover until it clicks into place. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

To place back your SIM card, battery or SD card, just do the steps in reverse. To put the case back, place it on top of the exposed back until it fits into place, then slide it toward the right until it clicks. 

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