How to Replace a MacBook Pro Battery

What it costs and whether it's worth replacing

What to Know

  • The exact process differs in scope and difficulty depending on the model; check a site like iFixit for specifics.
  • The safest option is to take it to an Apple Store or find a local Authorized Service Provider.
  • Replacement batteries cost around $100 on average.

This article provides instructions to help you replace your MacBook Pro battery, including information on the cost of a new battery and whether it's worth replacing a dead battery.

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How to Replace a MacBook Pro Battery

Depending on the model of the MacBook Pro you own, replacing the battery can be either super easy or incredibly difficult and time-consuming. The best, least stressful (but more expensive) choice is to take it in for servicing—especially if it's still under warranty—but it is possible to do it yourself.

The specific steps you'll follow to replace a MacBook Pro battery depend on which model you have. Newer versions of the laptop tend to have their batteries glued inside the casing, and you'll have to remove that adhesive to get the part out and then replace it when you install the new one.

Apple does not recommend you replace these "built-in batteries" yourself. If you find your MacBook Pro has one of these, your best option is to take it somewhere for service.

After you identify your MacBook Pro model, you can search for "MacBook battery replacement" on a site like iFixit for the instructions. If you decide to do this job yourself, you should carefully review the directions for your specific model to avoid damaging any other components. Doing so may also convince you that it's easier to have someone else do it.

Opening your MacBook Pro's case may void your warranty.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a MacBook Pro Battery?

If you decide to replace your MacBook Pro's battery yourself and have the tools necessary to make the repairs, the only cost is for the replacement battery. Again, you'll see a range of prices depending on the type of battery you buy and where you purchase it, but you should expect to spend around $100 for the new one.

With servicing, you may also have the cost of labor. If your MacBook Pro is still under warranty, you won't have this concern; the warranty will cover the entire repair. But you can expect to pay either a flat fee or per hour if you're out of warranty. The total will be several times the cost of the battery alone, but for that money, you can be reasonably sure the repair will be done correctly and safely.

Is it Worth Replacing a MacBook Pro Battery?

With all this talk of Authorized Service Providers and battery glue, you may wonder if it's easier to replace the entire MacBook Pro instead of repairing it (or having it done). It is, but a faulty battery alone probably isn't reason enough to replace your computer.

Instead, you should ask yourself if the battery is your only issue with the MacBook Pro. If it's an older model, can you still update all of the applications you use? Does the screen still work? Do newer models have features you'd like to have, like a Touch Bar, a faster processor, or more memory?

If you're otherwise happy with your MacBook Pro, it makes more sense to spend a few hundred dollars replacing the battery instead of over $1,000 to get a new laptop.

  • How do you replace a MacBook Pro Retina battery?

    If you have a Retina display MacBook Pro, your device has an integrated battery that is difficult to access and wasn't designed for end-users to replace. If you're having battery issues, your best bet is to consult Apple. Apple offers battery service whether Apple Care covers your device or not. If your device is out of warranty, Apple charges $199 for battery service for 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays.

  • Where can I replace my MacBook Pro battery?

    For best results, use Apple or an Apple-authorized service provider to assess and replace your MacBook battery. Not only will your MacBook be in good hands, but Apple and its affiliated service providers take care to dispose of and handle batteries responsibly. When you deal with Apple or an authorized agent directly, you may even get a credit toward a new Apple product. Also, MacBooks are covered by a warranty for one year for issues like a defective battery, and if you have Apple Care, some costs are covered or reduced even outside of one year. Out-of-warranty battery service for MacBooks ranges from $129 to $199, which is a bargain compared to the cost of a new device.

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