How to Put a Song on Repeat on Spotify

How to loop your favorite song, album, or playlist on Spotify

What to Know

  • Select the Now Playing bar to display the song in the full play window with the album cover and the playback controls.
  • Select the Enable Repeat button twice to put a song on repeat.
  • Select the Enable Repeat button once to play a playlist in a loop.

This article will show you how to loop a song on Spotify and keep listening to it over and over again.

Where Is the Repeat Button on Spotify?

The Repeat button on Spotify is to the right of the playback buttons on the bottom bar of the Spotify player. It looks like two white arrows in a loop. This location is consistent for all platform versions of the Spotify player. The icon will turn green with a small dot when you select it to loop a song or a playlist. 

The image below is from the Spotify player on the desktop.

Repeat button on Spotify highlighted
  • Enable Repeat keyboard shortcuts for the desktop player are: Ctrl + R (on Windows) or Command + R (on macOS).

How Do I Loop a Song on the Spotify Mobile App?

The location and behavior of the Repeat button on Spotify are the same across all platforms. Here's how to enable repeat.

We happen to be using an iPhone here, but it's the same on Android.

  1. Open the Spotify app on iPhone. 

  2. Play the song you want to listen to on repeat. It can be an individual track or part of a playlist. 

  3. Tap once on the Now Playing bar to maximize the album art and the playback controls.

  4. Tap the Repeat button once to turn it green. It will enable the playlist to play on repeat. 

  5. Tap the Repeat button twice in succession to turn it green and display a small "1". It will loop the song on repeat till you turn it off. 

    Spotify repeat button on iOS with Now Playing bar and Repeat button highlighted
  6. Tap it again to stop the song playing on repeat. 

To repeat a selected bunch of favorite songs on Spotify (and not the entire playlist), just create a new playlist with your selections and repeat this playlist. 

Why Can’t I Put a Song on Repeat on Spotify?

The Repeat feature is available on the Android and iOS apps for Spotify Premium account users. Though, you can use the repeat feature on free accounts if you’re listening to Spotify on a desktop computer.

Remember, to access the Enable Repeat button; you have to display the song in a full window by tapping on the Now Playing bar. 

How Do You Repeat a Song on Spotify Without Premium?

To repeat a song without a Premium account, open the Spotify player on the desktop to listen to your favorite tracks. 

  • How do I put a song on repeat using the Spotify web player?

    Launch the Spotify web player and locate the song you want to put on repeat. Play the song, and then find the Repeat button in the media controls. Press the Repeat button twice; it will turn green and display a 1. Press the Repeat button again to stop repeating the song.

  • How do I put a podcast on repeat with Spotify?

    Unfortunately, you can't put a podcast on repeat with Spotify. As a workaround to mimic the loop feature, add the podcast to your queue so it will replay when it's finished.

  • How do I make a playlist repeat on Spotify?

    To repeat an album or playlist on Spotify, begin playing it, and press the Repeat button once. The Repeat button will turn green, but it won't display a 1 as if you pressed the button twice. The playlist or album will play through and then begin playing again. If you press the Repeat button twice and it displays a 1, the current song will play on a loop.

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