Removing Kindle Cover Made Easy

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Amazon left nothing to chance with the third generation Kindle and that includes the possibility of their iconic e-reader falling out of a protective cover. The design includes two special slots on the side of the e-reader that allow it to securely latch into a cover designed for the Kindle. It works great, but a quick glance of the Kindle discussion boards shows that, while securing a Kindle 3 to a new cover is a snap, more than a few people have run into problems trying to remove the cover afterward. There's a slight trick to doing so; all you need to do is to follow the three easy steps listed below. For more about Kindle devices in general, you can also check out our Kindle hub.

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Open the Cover

Third-generation Amazon Kindle
The third-generation Amazon Kindle. Amazon

Set the Kindle on a table or other secure surface and open up the cover. Note the metal nub sticking out about two-thirds of the way from the top of the Kindle. This is the locking mechanism and the primary source of your frustration. You can't simply pop it out without damaging the cover and/or your e-reader.

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Unlock the Latch

This is a two-part step. First, push that metal nub (or latch) down, in the direction of the bottom of the Kindle. It should slide down by a fraction of an inch. This releases the latching mechanism. Next, push the top of the Kindle horizontally, away from the metal nub.

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The Bottom

At this point, the top of your e-reader is free, but the bottom slot of the Kindle is still attached to this devious crescent shaped hook.

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The final step is to free the Kindle from that crescent hook. Simply rotate the e-reader down as shown and you're done. Your Kindle 3 is free of the cover.  

Of course, Amazon has added several new selections to its Kindle lineup since the Kindle 3 was released, like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition. If you're interested in learning more about Amazon's Kindle lineup, including devices both new and old, make sure to check out our "All About the Amazon Kindle" section. The hub includes various articles about Amazon's different Kindle devices, ranging from its latest E Ink readers as well as the newest Kindle Fire tablets available.