How to Remove Your Kindle 3 Cover

Wondering how to remove the cover on your Kindle 3? We've got you covered

What to Know

  • Start with the Kindle on a flat surface and the cover open.
  • Push down the metal nub near the top of the Kindle, then push the Kindle away from the nub and rotate it away from the upper hinge.

This article explains how to remove the cover from a third-generation Kindle device.

How to Remove the Kindle 3 Cover

Amazon left nothing to chance with the third generation Kindle, including the possibility of the iconic e-reader falling out of a protective cover. The design includes two special slots on the side of the e-reader that allow it to securely latch into a cover designed for the Kindle.

It works great, but a quick glance of the Kindle discussion boards shows that while securing a Kindle 3 to a new cover is a snap, more than a few people have run into problems trying to remove the cover afterward.

A Kindle 3 with the cover opened

There's a slight trick to removing the cover from your Kindle, but all you need to do is follow the easy steps listed below.

  1. Set the Kindle on a table or other stable surface and open the cover.

  2. Note the metal nub sticking out about two-thirds of the way from the top of the Kindle. This is the locking mechanism that prevents you from popping out the Kindle.

  3. Push the metal nub (or latch) down in the direction of the bottom of the Kindle. It should slide down by a fraction of an inch. This releases the latching mechanism.

  4. Push the top of the Kindle horizontally, away from the metal nub. This action frees the top of your e-reader, but the bottom slot of the Kindle is still attached to a crescent-shaped hook.

  5. Rotate the Kindle away from the upper hinge, using the bottom hinge as the pivot or point of rotation to free your Kindle 3 of the cover.  

The Kindle 3 has become difficult to find as newer models are introduced. Although Amazon hasn't announced the end of support for the Kindle 3, users of older models may experience difficulty when connecting to a network. It may be time to look for a newer model. Amazon's current e-reader lineup contains several excellent Kindle options.

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