How to Remove Tips and Other Apps From Notifications on the iPad

One interesting addition to the iPad in recent years is the Tips app. The iPad doesn't come with a manual, although you can download one. The design is simplistic, so it is easy to pick up and use — but each new generation brings new features, and sometimes, those features get hidden. So, the Tips app can be a great way to find these hidden features. Constantly receiving these tips in the Notification Center can be annoying, though. You can turn them off quite easily.

Open Settings

iPad Notifications


Open your iPad's settings. Look for the icon that looks like gears turning.


Open Notifications Settings

Locate Notifications on the left-side menu — near the top of the list, just under Bluetooth. Tapping Notifications opens up the settings in the main window.

Find Tips in the Include List

Under the Include list, locate and tap Tips. If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPad, you may need to scroll down this list.

Turn off Tips Notifications

After tapping Tips, you will go to a screen that lets you turn off notifications from Tips.  Tap the green button next to Allow Notifications.

Notifications Tips

You can use these same directions to disable notifications in any app on your iPad. Most apps will ask before sending notifications, but a few stray ones sneak past this courtesy.

Sometimes, you might allow an app to send notifications but later wished you hadn't. Every app that sends notifications should be listed in the Notifications settings, so you can disable notifications for any of them. You also can choose to disable an app's use of the Notification Center while still allowing it to use notification badges (a badge is the red circle with a number in it that is displayed on the app's icon).