How to Remove Tips and Other Apps From Notifications on the iPad

Only get notifications from the apps you choose

What to Know

  • To turn off Tips, go to Settings > Notifications > Tips > turn off Allow Notifications
  • To limit how notifications appear on the screen, turn on Allow Notifications, then go to Alerts to choose where notifications appear.

This article explains how to turn off Tip notifications, and how to change notification alerts on iOS 8 and later devices.

How to Turn Off Tips

Turning off notifications stops Tips from sending you messages, but you can still open the app to learn about new features.

To turn off notifications:

  1. Open Settings.

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  2. Tap Notifications.

    Tips notifications on iPad
  3. In the Notification Style section, tap Tips.

    The apps in this menu appear alphabetically.

    Tips notifications on iPad
  4. Turn off the Allow Notifications toggle switch.

    Turn off notifications iPad
  5. Repeat these steps for any app in the Notification settings to stop them from sending you messages.

Change the Tip Notification Alert Style

If you want to allow notifications but limit how notifications appear on the screen, turn on the Allow Notifications toggle switch, then go to the Alerts section. To choose where notifications appear, select the places where you want notifications to appear:

  • Lock Screen: Displays notifications without waking the device.
  • Notification Center: Swipe down from the top of the screen to see notifications.
  • Banners: Notifications appear when you're in and out of other apps.
  • Banner Style: Choose between a temporary notification and one that stays on the screen until you dismiss or tap on it.

The Options section has tools to organize notifications:

  • Show Previews: Adds information to the notification, for example, the contents of a text message.
  • Notification Grouping: Saves clutter in the Notification Center by sorting messages into stacks based on the app used.

If you don't need the Tips app or any of the default utilities that come with a new version of iOS, you can delete them. On the Home screen, tap and hold the app icon until the icons shake, then tap the X in the upper-left corner to remove the app from your iPad.

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