How to Remove the Galaxy S Captivate Battery and SIM

Dismantle the Galaxy S's back cover to access these components

Samsung Galaxy S8
blacktomb / Getty Images

Removing the back cover of an expensive smartphone without instructions is daunting. You don't want to damage it, but you need to get in there.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, you might need to get to the MicroSD memory card or the SIM, or maybe you need to remove or replace the battery.

You don't have to do this alone. Here's how:

These directions apply to the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. If these instructions don't apply to you, maybe you have the Galaxy S Vibrant variant, a Galaxy Note, or a Galaxy S7.

How to Open the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate

  1. Loosen the lower locking mechanism.

    The back of a Galaxy S Captivate smartphone

    Look for the gap between the lower part of the Galaxy S Captivate’s main back cover and the bottom bumper. Insert your nails into that gap or groove and pull down to loosen the bottom bumper. 

  2. Verify that the back cover is unlocked.

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate with an unlocked back cover

    After you loosen the bottom bumper, the gap between the main cover and the lower locking mechanism should now be larger and clearly visible. 

  3. Lift up the back cover to reveal the inside of the phone.

    Galaxy S Captivate back cover partially removed
  4. Fully remove the back cover to expose all of the parts, including the memory card, battery, and SIM card.

    The innards of a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
  5. Access the component you want to remove:

    To remove the Samsung Galaxy S's MicroSD memory card, push the card in first to unlock it, and then pull it out. To put it back, push the card until it clicks into place.

    Galaxy S Captivate MicroSD memory card

    To remove the battery of your Galaxy S, lift it up from the bottom and pull it out. You’ll need to take out the battery to access the SIM card.

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate battery removal process

    To remove the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SIM card, just put a finger on it and slide it out. 

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SIM card
  6. Replace the back cover when you're finished, aligning the top part first before putting it back into place.

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate cover being attached
  7. Lock the back cover by pressing down on the cover and then pushing the lower locking bumper back into place. When it clicks, the Galaxy S should be secure once again. 

    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate back cover
  8. That's it!