How to Remove Your PIN From Windows 10

Have a PIN set but getting tired of it? Removing it is easy

What to Know

  • Be sure you've signed in to the account you want to remove the PIN from before you begin.
  • Go to Start Menu > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Windows Hello PIN > Remove. Make sure to confirm your selection.
  • Once the PIN is gone, consider protecting your account by other means, like a password.

This article covers how to remove a PIN in Windows 10. In Windows 10, PINs are an optional way to sign in, much like a password, alongside other options like Fingerprint sign-in and the Windows Face ID sign-in system.

If you have kids, roommates, or a work device, it's usually best to keep a lock on your user account, but if it's just you at home, how you sign in likely doesn't matter. So, if convenience is a priority, you can go without a password and not be at risk.

How Do I Disable the PIN in Windows 10?

Much like setting a PIN in Windows, removing one takes only a few clicks and a couple of seconds. Make sure you've signed in to the account you want to remove the PIN from before you begin.

  1. Open up the Start menu, and click Settings.

    Windows Start menu with Settings highlighted
  2. Navigate to Accounts.

    Windows 10 Settings with Accounts highlighted
  3. Within the newly opened window, select Sign-in options on the left side.

    Windows 10 with Sign-in options highlighted
  4. Select Windows Hello PIN, and then click Remove.

    Windows Hello Pin settings with Remove highlighted
  5. Microsoft will ask you to confirm you want to remove your PIN, so click Remove once more, and then your PIN will be gone.

    Windows 10 remove PIN confirmation with Remove highlighted

    If you signed in to Windows with your Microsoft account, you'll need to enter your Microsoft account password to remove your PIN after confirming.

Windows 10 Pin Tips and Tricks

If you change your mind and want a PIN again, in the same place where you click Remove, you'll now find you can select Add, which works the same way: Set your PIN, confirm, and once again, when you sign in, you'll be prompted for a PIN.

The Sign-in options page also allows you to sign in to your device in a variety of other ways, including a traditional password. From this window, you can easily adjust all your sign-in needs.

If you sign in with a Microsoft account, however, you will not be able to change your Microsoft password here. Any sign-in method you choose, even if you linked your computer to your Microsoft account, will apply only to your computer and not your Microsoft account.

  • Why can't I remove my Windows 10 pin?

    If the Windows Hello Pin section is unavailable, make sure you've logged in to the correct account. Also, from Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, ensure that the slider next to Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts is set to the off position.

  • How do I remove my password and pin from Windows 10?

    Use the above instructions to disable your pin. To remove your Windows 10 password as well, sign in to your local account and access your password from Settings > User Accounts > Sign-in options > Change. When you see prompts to enter your old and new password, leave the fields empty and select Finish. You can also go password-free by using a different Windows Hello sign-in method and turning on Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts from the Sign-in options area.

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